Who is going SOLO (Game Mode)?


No, I don’t mean who is pugging/pubbing, I mean who here is looking forward to relaxing practice and playing from time to time Solo?

Most of my time will be in Multiplayer Hunt, but there are times I want to relax and practice certain techniques, ensure I understand how controls work (i.e. climbing, etc) and then there are the times I’m not sure if Family is going to need to interrupt, and I don’t want to risk having to bail on a game.

Are you happy or indifferent (or even ‘upset’) there is a Solo mode?

(Mods, didn’t see a topic like this, but feel free to move if you feel it fits better somewhere else).


Playing solo as the hunters might be fun, trying to get max efficiency switching from hunter to hunter. I think it would get boring as a monster, I already feel let down when one/two of the hunters I’m fighting are bots, bots can’t adapt, make grand strategies or do unpredictable things, the only way to make them harder is to let them cheat


I feel like I’ll enjoy sitting back and practicing while there’s nobody I’d like to play with around. Happy about a simple feature, ain’t I.


I know I will be trying out some crazy stuff as the monster and a solo mode will be perfect to get some practice with these concepts… Well… before I go make a fool of myself online. xD


Solo is a big part of my game plan. It’ll be broken down like:

5% of the time, I’ll go pugging, and it will make me hate the game more when playing as a Hunter
25% of the time, I’ll be playing solo, with/against bot AI, to progress myself when friends are not online
70% of the time, I’ll be playing with at the least, 1 friend, if not trying for an all-friends game.


Definitely happy there’s a Solo mode. You never know when people might stop playing a game ( I’m expecting this community to remain solid for the following years though, I’m sure grouping up won’t be a problem ), it has happened on several games I loved before. I will stick to multiplayer for the most part, but merely knowing Solo exists feels like a very nice safety net.

Like Aegis, I plan on playing with my friends a -lot-. I’d say 50% of my time will be spent in random matches with strangers, then 40% with friends, and the remaining 10% is reserved for casual Solo games in my bed with a lazy dog sitting next to me.


I think I’m going to do my first run through solo as Monster. By the end of Evac I should have all the monsters unlocked. I might do the same for the other Hunters, but I’m more of a Monster player so that is what I really care about. I also don’t feel bad about farming AIs/Wild Life to get my Monsters ASAP.


No shame in that! I hope solo mode lets you unlock stuff, though, was it confirmed?


It lets you unlock and gain progression/mastery, but doesn’t increase/decrease your ‘matchmaking’ level.


See for me, I almost think the opposite. Though most of the time solo will be used to practice certain skills and build habits in a ‘stress free’ environment (not that I have to take matchmaking games so seriously - but just naturally I tense up more against real people) I can see it also being fun just to play the monster against bots and it wont seem that different.

However, a Hunter, the idea is the teamwork, and much like playing a MMO when a server is near empty, playing a hunter with bots, to me, will feel ‘empty’ I think. Now, that said, I’ll have to play it a bit - maybe I’ll be surprised. And I do agree, the ability to jump from hunter to hunter will be fun.


WOO! I might play a lot more solo to speed-unlock stuff then! I want dem perks.


Yup. Evac also nets you large XP bonus as well. The only down side, is you might pick up bad habits from fighting AI, but meh… I think it’s the least of your concerns. There is a lot of merit for gunning through AI modes in Evac to unlock everything. It might even be the fastest outside of friends forfeiting their games. I.E. just die right away for instance.


I’ll be able to practise monster without getting my ass kicked


I mainly solo play when I want to practice my skills before going into the public arena. I think it’s crucial to practice. I normally hate trial-by-fires but I admit, I got the hang on Evolve pretty fast in the Alpha! Also, one of the devs mentioned that there was a decent sized fanbase of L4D players that NEVER played on-line or in VS mode…so a good solo mode is key for these types of players.


That won’t really matter, I tend to have a completely different mindset when I play against real people. When I’m against AI, I just focus on getting my win as fast as possible-- against players, I’m always very careful, and I tend to study each team member’s habits, whether they’re chasers, whether they’re corner campers, how often they look behind them, …

Like a god damn criminal mastermind, I tell you.

So. Give me my perks, masteries and monsters, and I’ll bring the hurt.


Just remember, unless things have drastically changed, you actually get MUCH more XP & Progression/Mastery by extending the match, not just winning fast. Winning fast is actually detrimental to progression and leveling, which doesn’t make much sense to me.


I guess I’d have to know the formula before I knew if it made sense or not. I mean, a fast win is nice, but it also probably means you played against a bad team - so why get rewarded for trouncing noobs? :wink:

Think of it in football terms: “Strength of Schedule” :smile:


Because ‘playing with your food’ is a terrible means of expressing doing a good job :stuck_out_tongue: You should get an XP bonus for soundly kicking their butts, not prolonging the inevitable (If you totally outclass them)


Think of it as Noob Training, and bettering the community - reward for your ‘patience’ :wink:


Yeah I’ll most likely play solo to begin with just so I can get some practice in, I’ll definitely also play solo once I unlock a few characters I want to try out too.