Who is excited?



Continuing the discussion from Ranked becoming Legacy hunt?:

check out Hanakerts original post on the topic,

As someone who never played legacy evolve i would really love to see what the original hunt experience has to offer. Update will be on the top of my watchlist for sure.


That isn’t what is happening, sorry if there has been confusion


what is happening then?


Ranked is moving away from confusion by removing the ladder type leaderboard that was never a ladder, and ensuring you don’t play any map variants. You can queue as Hunter or monster to play “pure” hunt maps in a queue that uses your Hunter or monster skill ranking from hunt beta to match you with the best opponents the system can find


well thats dissapointing


Believe me, you don’t want the legacy experience. Some may say they miss it, but there is a reason the game has changed.


ill take your word for it :slight_smile: