Who is Caira talking about?


In one of Caira’s post match lines, after the Hunters win, she says:

“Hey lemme get a picture in front of this so I can send it to my… What? FINE. Evac!”

She doesn’t say who she wanted to send a picture to. Was it her spouse? Family member?



I believe it’s her parole officer


I still think it’s to her parents to show off and stuff


Given the rift between her and her parents, I’m betting friends from college or Catalog. Or maybe she just want to post it on future Twitter.


I think in other lines she talks about her family, and since her and Abe are working things out, I’d assume the context is still her family, since she is from Earth.


I think it’s Catalog since she was busy there for a long time before Cabot recruited her.
Also, people from Catalog would more appreciate seeing such a thing than her folks (who are of a higher “standard”).


I always assumed she was referring to her old colleagues back on Earth as a way of showing off, I guess.


Her parents.




hahahahah two words sums everything up lol