Who has the best profile pic on forums


just nominate who you think has the best profile picture.


Can’t be Evolve related or 2K, TRS related
Can’t be your own
Can’t change it

I nominate @niaccurshi

It speaks to me I don’t know why lol


Um… Have you seen mine?


Lol. Would of thought my “soul stare” picture would of been good. XD

I’ll nominate @10shredder00


hahahaha i thought you had a different one before


Never been changed. Never will.





I nominate @xTr1ckOrTr3atx his profile pic looks so awesome >.<

@Plaff just makes that evil guy look so ridiculous with that hair xD

What that guy called again? dumble door or something? I’m not a a fan of the Harry Potter series forgive me :sweat_smile:



… obviously people, come on!


Is it allowed to pick more than one person?


Mine easily. :smirk:


Torvald OP, nerf me.


Awesome evolve profile pictures dont count :(?


I don’t think this thread should be here, it will just devolve into a popularity contest (it usually does) at the end of it.


It’s just profile pics, dood.

I don’t think people will claw each others eyes out for a profile picture.




Both of you replied to each other in under one minute ._.


Hey. You joined this website on my birthday.



Seen that?


I like how no one has said that I do yet. I guess the newer forum members won’t understand the significance of the R’s covering my Wraith.


I thought the Rs stood for rad, like “that is one RAD wraith”.