Who has been here 2+ years now?


lol ofc I joined at 3am…



Oh yeah, I’m getting there. I’ve always been the youngest(youngest kid, youngest out of my friends), and it’s weird now. Years of being the baby makes you unprepared for aging. tfw you realize some kid born on y2k is almost finished with high school.


Meeeeeeee :slight_smile:


10th February 2015 release day

I was in the Alpha/Beta but only found out about the forums the day it was released


Just a passerby now.


While I haven’t been active all the time, I check in from time to time.

I joined back during the Big Alpha, and got lucky to beat up some TRS devs & Sacriel as Goliath. Those were fun times :stuck_out_tongue: .

My ignorant little butt thought they were some noob clan because they all had “TRS” in their name :joy:

So much has changed thins that Big Alpha to release, and from release to stage 2. I wasn’t even that great of a monster, looking back then compared to my Goliath now.


Those poons at 3:36…mmm delicious.


I joined on June 11th 2014. The day Kraken was revealed! Though I’d been lurking around for a few months before.


Ah yeah, the Kraken reveal was what brought me along too I think! The whole game just looked so insanely unique, and the coverage it got at Nerdist at the time gave a lot of excitement for what it could do, plus of course JParty and DB’s unique casting style :smiley:


Holy nostalgia batman!! It’s all coming back to me.

I recall they were casting for that super early build with the monster health bar that looked like monster veins and the armor was that blue bar around it. Then they surprise revealed all of T2 and I lost it. I remember seeing it on my phone during my lunch break at the lab. I sprinted home and joined the community as soon as work let out.

I think I rewatched all those videos like a hundred times. I was so hyped.


Holy crap, i didn’t see i’ve been here from May 2015…


Over 3 years for me it seems…Sheesh


July 7th, 2014.

Was around for quite some time before i made my account. Couldn’t have been any earlier than June that i started lurking.