Who has been here 2+ years now?


June 12, 2014

Was lurking around a month before I signed up. Not much has changed, still lurking here from time to time.

What I’ve learned from 3 years of lurking is that all of you are nice people :wink:


December, 2014.


I joined March 2016 but played since the alpha


It’s been awhile.


Psshhh long time no see!


February 12 2015


Born in 92?!?!



Yup. 25.
Perfectly aged to know better. Still too young to give a rip. =P

Edit: I’m a dunce and I got it.
1925 isn’t old enough to know better still I guess.


I’ve reached that point in my life where I’m constantly staggered by how much younger everyone else is…


I’m the same age! :stuck_out_tongue: born in '91 though


I’ve reached the point where I’m no longer shocked when people say they haven’t watched any of the original star wars trilogy, any of back to the future, or any of the original indiana jones trilogy. :’(


I’m born in 99 and I watched the three original “back to the future” movies, plus some other old french comedy movies like “La citée de la peur” or “La soupe au choux” or “Les 11 commandements”.


Great Scott!


I’m 21 and I have watched them all!! They made my childhood, specially Back To The Future movies!


Hi! Miss ya brother . Had no idea you were still around, good to hear from you again :smiley:


So basically not humans?



Those pesky off by one errors.

December 2, 2014


This revived threads been here for over 2 years.


April 13th 2014. A very good day and decision!


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