Who fired the last bullet?


I just think the game should tell us who hit “the nail in the coffin” or got “the final word.” I also think the game should give us a minute after we kill the monster to watch the death animation. What do you guys think?


Agree with the idea about telling us who did the final blow, but not sure about watching the animation though. Doesn’t the animation last about 7~8 secs? After it ends, the monster corpse just ragdoll, like in Alpha.


Sorry, I rather not waste a minute every match watching the same thing over and over and over and over and…well you get the idea.


Yes. I’d like that one minute back, please. And the other seven thousand, if you would be so kind.

As for the last bullet, sounds cool, but it’d be Assault most of the time, I think. Still, why ever not? I guess it would be fun.


I always figured it was the Hunter who called for the drop ship. Maybe I’m wrong.


I disagree, Medic Cockroach achievement pistol kill hype. =D


That’s because of your infamous Cabot, 360 no-scopes, lol.


If this is implemented, I’m waiting for the moment we get a Mammoth Bird as the nail in the coffin. It will happen. You knwo it will.

Only a matter of time.


Or a chomp plant for shame. For when the monster wins.


Im probably the only Cabot that doesnt use damage amp and believe it is a waste of time.


Not for long, every random Cabot I see I just tell them to use the rail gun. :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably not. The damage amp needs to be used in bursts only when the team is focusing damage on the monster. Rest of the time rail canon is better.


No shit we nearly killed a Kracken and it ran off with two of us left alive, we were trying to figure out what to do when it was off in the jungle when we get the “monster killed” notice. Not sure what killed it.


I am not 100% but I think it is the hunter that has the last line. I say this because the only time I hear Val say it is when I know for a fact i got the last kill as her. And most other val players arent using the armor piercing so they wont get the last hit.


I bought this game to get away from the CoD kill cam!! :frowning:


This is what I thought as well. I notice my character having the last line only when I’m damaging the monster at the end.


Not a kill cam, just to satisfy a curiosity. Like another award at the end of a match.


This game has SERIOUS issues with forcing the play to wait more than they should have to, not to mention all the stupid users who force you to wait the full round/lobby timer before game starts not to mention there being even logical fallacies that force you to wait, like when you’re in a 4-person Evac Co-Op, and all 4 people vote for 1 map, the game STILL makes you wait the full timer, and even has a slot for a ‘5th’ vote, even though the bot never votes.

…no. No more waiting. This software is a waiting simulator that came with a free 4v1 game.


What I mean is a chance to watch the monster die. The monster dies and the dropship flies in. It doesn’t even hit the ground. That’s all I’m saying. Calm your panties.


No. No more waiting. I’d be on your side if people weren’t so mind numbingly stupid as to join MP games just to be AFK from their computer all game long, or if people averaged at the LEAST a 20% success rate with launching BEFORE the lobby timer fully expired.

Wait wait wait. That’s all we do in this game. You wanna see the death thralls of the monster? Bash yourself in the head until your retinas detatch and you’ll have suffered enough brain damage so that the 2 seconds of animation you get will run over and over in your mind ad infinitum. Booyakasha, problem solved.

…And keep my panties out of this. It’s a new brand, and they don’t quite sit right just yet…