Who Fares Better, Elite Hunters or Monsters?


I’ve always wondered this. I like to think my Goliath is god tier when fighting any comps with skilled players, but of course I’m only one monster, whose unfortunately chained to the Xb1.

So to you fiery badass human chomping monsters, or hunters, where do you think skilled players tend to place to each other?


It just doesn’t matter anymore mate. Not with auto aim. No need to even have skill as a hunter, all you have to do is spam LT and you hit the monsters head the whole fight.


Elite Hunters have it harder. Coordination is more difficult than playing it alone.


A lot of ppl are agreeing that hunters are favored now, specially after all the buffs they have been getting. And as DrathDragoon stated, it seems many ppl are exploiting the console aimbot as well.


For Public games, Monsters. High level ESL games (Which I think really counts), hunters are favored.


Basically this.

As someone who plays a lot of Goliath on PC, I can tell when I’m fighting a pug and when I’m facing a four-man team. The game becomes insanely difficult.


I’d say hunters as 4 people are getting 10% buffs in various things compared to just 1(the monster) I think to balance this maybe monsters could have 15% buffs instead of just 10% but also change it so a character cannot have all as dmg(Torvald and Kraken, idk if there’s others)


Vs a 4 man hunter team is really difficult, if u based on Dev statistic, lots of it from PUG/ etc.

but if you looked into ESL tournament, well coordinated hunter teams are really powerful.
Even four well experienced solo queues players are hard to fight against.

To be honest, one inexperienced hunter can spoil the whole team, im not talking bout the level , its how well u understand the game, each hunter’s play style, how to work as a team. etc

if you get a “Noob” in ur team, thats it. Unless ure facing, another “noob” monster…


In pubs, the Monster should be stomping. In organized games- such as ESL, or even high level custom play- the Hunters should be butchering you like a calf. :stuck_out_tongue:


It shouldn’t be like that. It should be 50/50 IMO in high level play or close to it cause that’s where players shine and know how to play.


Exactly, so it’s where the Hunters start utilizing certain mechanics to the fullest. I.e- A Caira/Sunny/Maggie comp where nobody goes down and Torvald will decimate you. Impossible to win against a good group with that team.


which is the problem to me, they based the nerfs and buffs areound public play where in the pro level matches it shows the Hunters have an advantage over monsters. Which shouldn’t be the care, I played against ElusiveGods team this and I never felt like I was even with the hunters. Even at Stage 2, I felt like they had the advantage. It should be at Stage 2 and It makes me sad ;_;


It will always be Monsters for me. Its a matter of Quality vs Quantity, and really good monsters are a sight to see


So I have a question. No doubt there were some buffs and nerfs that benefited the Hunters but why is it now that we hear all about auto-aim (PC need not apply :wink:)

As far as I remember auto-aim was always available so why now is it that one of the most vocal points I see is about auto-aim? Has it really taken 3 months for Hunters to figure out how to use auto-aim in such a way that some Monster players feel it breaks it for them? It cannot be just based off the latest balance changes, can it?

Could it be that the newer pressure Monster players feel from buffed hunters mean they have to be more conscious of damage? Is auto-aim too powerful? Is it a combination of both?

What do you think?


Hunters are extremely favored right now.

In the competitive scene (ESL on Sunday):

Goliath = 33.3% Win rate

Wraith = 16% Win rate

Kraken = 34% Win rate (DA FUQ?)

ToNiiC should make a post relatively soon with all the details.

So that’s out of 44 games monsters won 14 LOL WUT

@MacMan @SlabOMeat


Actually i rank my teammates based on survivability lol. since aim bot makes everyone aim like a god. your dodging skills define how good you really are lol.





if the hunters are premade, then hunters even decent premades >.>


ummm… hmmmm… How do I say this.

You can’t dodge auto aim.


but you can dodge monster abilities. thats what i meant. surviving from monsters.

for example my brother asuraswrath is better than me as hunter. bcuz he can dodge and 1v1 a monster for days without help. has nothing to do with aiming lol .