Who else wasn't a fan of Evolve before playing it but now is a fan?


Before Evolve’s release, I thought it’s a pretty boring game and really wasn’t interested in it. But after the game became free and played it, I’m now a big fan of Evolve![poll public=true]

  • I became a fan of Evolve after I tried it
  • I became fan of Evolve just by seeing the trailers



Never gave a rats ass about it, but after playing the F2P version i was hooked


I’ve always liked asymmetrical multiplayer games, and the trailers for Evolve looked really interesting. Played the open beta. Funnily enough I enjoyed it but felt it got boring after a few matches. Still wanted to get it though when the price dropped through.

Similar story when I actually picked up the game (shortly after Tier 4 released). Had fun but put the game down after a couple of weeks…then picked it up again. Put it down after another few weeks…then picked it up again. A year later it’s my favourite, most played multiplayer game. :smiley:


Welocme to the club now to become a full evolve plan you need to donate your soul to trs!


its really really hard and quite a feat by the marketing team and developer team to become a fan straight away just after seeing a trailer.

either it has to be a franchise or no mans sky. :smile:

like you know, promise everything. and deliver…


No Man’s Sky is getting some harsh feedback right now, and a lot of people are refunding it… and digital retailers are saying you’re allowed to refund it despite hours played over the maximum total (currently).

People who bought physical copies are doomed though. DOOMED :torvald:


Did you hear about the dude who payed 3k USD to play it three weeks before launch? Sucks2suck.


i guess thats what happens when you set your expectations to unbelivable levels, and the industry just pour infinite hype at your face.


Holy crap no, I had no idea that happened. I feel so bad for that particular person, solely on the game he chose to bribe his way into, but I also think he should have had better impulse control.

Sucks2Suck indeed.


Was kinda meh when I first heard it. Watched some gameplay and couldnt get myself to buy it. However, I tried it when it went F2P. This game is awesome and fun af. I wish I had played this during legacy. Guess u can say to never judge a book by its cover.

Tried to convince my friends to play with me, they weren’t interested, but after they actually tried and played, their opinion has changed.


Was completely hooked on Evolve since reveal trailers. Never had interest in Monster, always wanted to be Trapper.


Always wanted to be Support. Love Bucket.

Also Lazarus and Hyde.


Always wanted to be Maggie (soft spot for Daisy) but Jack and Crow are taking her place. My top 3 used characters are now Crow, then Maggie, then… Goliath… Apparently.


The idea of being a fan of anything before actually experiencing it is a concept that baffles me.

Would you read the back of a book cover and proclaim yourself a fan based off the blurb?
Would you watch a trailer for a film and become a fan of the film in it’s entirety?

I might be a fan of the trailer itself, based on what is shown, whether it be the music, art style, gameplay, or any other factor. I might be excited about the product…but I would never consider myself a fan of a something that doesn’t exist yet (or I hadn’t experienced yet).


I was a fan when i knew it was TRS and my mind put two and two together to remember they made L4D.

After that i became a fan when i played in the NDA Alpha, Big Alpha, and Beta.


See, until you’d got your hands on the product in the Alpha, I wouldn’t consider that as being a fan of the product, but a fan of the developers.

Obviously I’m not going to argue that you wern’t a fan of the product at that early stage. It’s just not something I understand :stuck_out_tongue:

When i think of “pre-release fans”, i think of those who aggressively defend a product they’ve not experienced from criticism or scepticism, neither of which are inherently bad.


I will attempt to explain.

It does hinge upon being a fan of the developers, yes, however I had a detailed explanation of what they were wanting to do back in 2012, some GameInformer article that popped up in my school library my Senior Year of High School.

It detailed exactly what they wanted, exactly how they wanted it to function, and it had a basic rundown of the classes, and all of Tier 1 (which was Markov, Griffin, Hank, and Val at the time) plus Goliath ofc.

I knew that TRS was responsible for a game that I loved, L4D, and that likely they were going to implement the gameplay nearly exactly as they had described, and I prepared myself for everything that was to come, and then they launched gameplay trailers, E3 stuff. As soon as I saw real gameplay I knew I was going to be hooked for years on this game.

Trailers, promises, and faith in Devs mean nothing until I can see that they’re delivering. I don’t have to actually play it, but I do need to see it in order to believe in it.

Did that help you understand my side at all?


I first heard about Evolve from a magazine back in 2014. Something about hunting monsters, kind of sounded like a Monster Hunter knockoff. I saw a picture of some big lizard walking around like a gorilla (which I’d later know as a Goliath). I told myself I would keep an eye on it, but I never did.

A few months later I was watching SmoshGames, and I saw a video on some game called Evolve with a new monster. I watched it and was pretty uninterested, until I saw the giant flying monster shooting lightning at a yellow robot. Then I was hooked.


I am still salty that they never finished that tournament from E3 2014. Forced Hyde, Maggie, Bucket, Lazarus against Kraken? Only on The Dam? I thought that was awesome.

Plus it showcased how much power Bucket had to defend areas with his turrets, if the Monster reached Stage 3.