Who else wants a new tier? (character ideas)


I don’t know about you guys but I want TRS to introduce the story line a bit more, the new support Kala has Definatly added to the storyline of evolve but I feel like she asked more questions then she has answered, for example who is what does she mean by “Ive seen into your world” I know some people think instantly of another dimension but still we don’t know for sure.
This is why I’m hoping for a new tier to come out, so people can really get into the storyline and give us another reason to play evolve, I know that Evolve isn’t meant to be a story driven game BUT we haven’t been given much to go on about where the monsters came from and why they’re on Shear.

Now I’m hoping for some really cool character designs in the next tier that will add to both the gameplay and the storyline.
qnd before anyone gta mad at me and says that TRS are making variations to all the characters, I know but this is completely my opinion. YAY

I think the next tier should have another few characters adding to the storyline, maybe not support since we have Kala but the rest of the classes should add to the story

For the trapper I have been dying to see a character go old school and have a sort of net to cover the monster and pin him/her down! And it would be really cool to see the nets being used in cave systems (One wall to another)
I don’t really wanna see another animal be used for tracking since we have Gobi and Daisy so maybe it’s time to have a trapper that can see through walls for a short period of time and at a short distance (60 metres?), by this I mean a very short amount of time(10 seconds?), I think this would encourage people to use mics more as the trapper would otherwise not be able to communicate where they see the monster through the wall.
The gun I want the trapper to use would be an energy beam gun, slow the monster and damage him gradually, the longer you shoot at him the slower he gets.


I think it’s time for the assault to have another deployable weapon, I’m thinking a sentry gun kinda like buckets turrets but this would do a lot more damage and possibly fire damage? Now for the assaults primary weapon i think a grenade launcher might be fitting and no I’m not talking about cairas grenade launcher I’m thinking more badass like maybe it leaves a fire effect on the monster. And finally the secondary weapon I think should be a very long lasting effect, my idea is it will be similar to Cabots rail gun BUT you can only shoot one and wait for a cool down for it to reload, the idea is that it will do slow damage to the monster over time eg. One minute.

Now the medics a tricky one to think of because we’ve had both slim and meet who are very unique and very hard to top, BUT I think that we need a person in the similar state as Kala but with healing capabilities, for example their healing weapon would be to leech life out of a monster and into the hunters, but this can only be done in short bursts (another idea is to have it fuel the heal burst like slim but I don’t think this is the best one to go) the primary weapon and secondary could be formed together and used to heal and destroy like cairas grenade launcher but instead ( sorry branching off to another game) but I’m thinking Handsome Jack (From borderlands) arm cannons.

Now obviously the support needs to both damge the monster and support the team, now I think a cool buff the support could have is to decrease the monsters transversal by shooting him with a beam or maybe a dart type gun and this would completely get rid of the monsters transversal for a short amount of time and then the suppor would have to wait for a cool down. The primary weapon could just be a simple shotgun and the secondary weapon could increase the teams jump and speed.

Now since the game had come out Ive really wanted to see a parasite type monster that sticks to other animals and controls them, it would be the ultimate sneaky monster, but if the parasite is shot once it would be forced to leave the animals body, now I don’t know what the powers would be for this monster but it would be awesome!

Okay guys those were my ideas for the next tier in evolve
Make sure to leave your ideas below!!


Tier 6 will unlikely be there

Too much effort / cost / time .

Most players don’t like season pass 2 marketing strategy . Ironically they like to have more characters .

New tiers in the Future (Evolve 2)

I’d like to see anime type


well lets get thru all the adaptions first


eh … it was discussed in another recent forum post, and has been plenty before that.

As great as having a new tier would be, and fun to think about, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that TRS are in line to provide us with 8 new hunter adaptations and a monster. Your stated “opinion … YAY” probably isn’t giving due credit to TRS here, I feel - all adaptations will no doubt carry the same craft and attention to detail that adaptations to this point have had; all have proven very distinct and fun to play and, in my mind at least, are effectively entirely new hunters / monsters in and of themselves.

I think it’s important we let TU9 first arrive and settle before any discussion of another tier is raised. Already with what we know, the changes to the game are going to be simply massive, and the marketing outreach alongside is equally important. The TRS crew - already working overtime - don’t need us clamoring / expectant of another tier.

If the population grows, we may be for fortunate enough to have another tier, of which I would happily throw money at. But in the meantime, I’m excited enough - good times are ahead and we’re incredibly fortunate to have the TRS team at the helm, doing what they do.


I would love to see a tier 6. That being said, there is already a thread for this discussion.

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First off, as much as I want another Tier, TRS has T2 variations coming down their pipeline. While these don’t need as much work as a whole other tier, I don’t want both like how T1V and T5 were released.

Secondly, I’d rather have new maps. Maps can progress the story as much as a new tier. Wraith Trap is a good example.

Thirdly, Imma explain your T6 ideas:

Trapper: 60M isn’t a far distance, but he is a better form of Jack since he can see where monster is. I also think from a coding standpoint, this is impossible to do an X-ray vision. Monster smell only highlights wildlife/hunters and not walls of the map. A net that works like you want to is impossible because it would require “snap points” where the net would/can connect to. This means going back through each map and adding snap points. Very time consuming. The gun you mentioned can be seen if Hunters have the “Slow Monster” Buff. This would absolutely wreck monster in high-level play.

Assault: A turret means higher HP, and this is basically another flamethrower Daisy but can no longer move. I don’t like that idea since Buckets sentrys are limited. The secondary weapon is horrific. This means a monster will continuously lose armor/HP after a dome. Way too OP.

Medic: IF it pulls stuff/HP from monster, it’s basically another slim.

Support: Monsters rely on traversal so very much. The only way I’d accept it is if it only impacted Kraken and Behemoth. They have the best traversals and need a counter to them. The whole Jump/Speed thing is deadly if you mix Caira and Parnell. There is no reason to add another team-effect because Caira/Parnell already have one.

Monster: Ehh, no. Gorgon has Mimic and looks like a bug/parasite. It’s bad enough that monster can trick trapper into throwing domes with extreme wildlife like Tyrants, Nomads, Megamouths, and Dune Beatles. This would have no use unless you’re scouting out hunters, but you’re looking at taking 1-2 minutes just to cross a map. This will only waste time.


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With your Trapper idea, if TRS really wanna go down a risky route they could add a Gorgon human hybrid like Kala. Like Xplosion said the X-Ray could be the monster smell but all the hunters could see the highlighted creatures. The nets could be webs strung up to walls and the damage dealing weapon could simply be am acid sprayed of sorts, dealing a small poinson DoT to the monster but it won’t stay on the ground like Gorgon’s acid spray.


Okay thanks for the feed back
I’m new to the forum and just wanted to share some ideas
I knew that to my ideas they would all be getting rebuffs and debuffs :eyes:


So here is my two cents on these ideas. I’m okay with the assault turret but I’d prefer a sort of tankbot with a limited battery actually trying to engage the monster, over a turret that sits and waits for a shot that might not come. The trapper would be fairly useless at stopping the monster in open areas so the net idea, as you described it, doesn’t work. The medic doesn’t need to be like kala. Nobody should be half-monster ever again unless its assault, I like kala (mostly) and this would destroy the uniqueness to her character tho if it offers her more character development I’m okay with someone that she can relate to. I don’t like the support. I have the same issue with it that I did with kala when I first learned her tools. The support is meant to buff the other hunters’ abilities. Whether its from the defense a shield provides to punishing a monster focusing a teammate with a bad touch turret zone. Kala broke the rules of support only buffing the team becuz she applies a debuff to the monster, tho tier 5 is also the only tier where the medic does not apply a debuff so I guess someone needed to


basically this. First perfect the game as it is now (balance, adaptions, overhauls, etc.), after that, if there still is demand for it, get a 6th tier out.


Just want this TU9 with all the adaptations Tier6 or whatever number it’s on can wait but yes i’d love more hunters/monsters as possible but i can’t see another Tier too be honest.


Yep, I’d love a tier 6 whenever they’re ready to make it

Edit: Clarification, I’d actually like them to consider not making tiers but instead just making cool characters when they think of them and can develop them. I don’t mind if Assault ends up having more options than Trapper, and I don’t mind if monster development is focused on ahead of hunters either.


I actually wouldn’t mind this either. I would love for them to be introduced into the game via lore maybe. In this manner they can be brought in one, two, three, or four at a time. Same with monsters. I wouldn’t mind if they released 2-3 monsters before a new Hunter. Wherever the story goes, the characters should as well.


I would like a Tier six and I like the ideas for the hunters. With the monsters, I would actually kind of like to see something more water based. Yes we do have the Kraken and it does look like it should living in the ocean, but it is more air based because of flight and the lightning strike. With the teir six monster it could be able to swim in the pools of water that are around the map and burst out of the water and grab the hunters or any wildlife in the area like a huge crocodile and drag them underwater. For the attacks it could shoot boiling water at them kind of like Goliath’s fire breath. When it in wather, it could make huge waves that knock the hunters back and sort of damage them. And of corse it would have the standard melee attack. But that is what I think.


Going to switch this to suggestions instead of general.


I would rather have an Evolve 2


How about a guy who is stuck in this fantasy that he is a Knight on an Epic quest to kill a Dragon. For weapons he could use javelins that use different spear heads


Jesus, not his thread again…


It’s coming this summer ! :smiley:

The adaptations will take time, so it’s not an emergency for another tier.
But if the summer patch come with a lot of new players they could work on this to make it profitable for 2K.