Who else thinks Emet (healing) is going to be nerfed?


So who else thinks EMET isn’t even going to be that strong in competitive play? That’s all the buffs/nerfs are supposedly centered around and he’s probably still going to be nerfed damage-wise regardless but who else thinks he healing is (obviously) not the greatest and might get nerfed when (IMO) it would be truly unnecessary? It just seems like the vast majority of lower-play monsters are absolutely being wiped by Emet most the time when, really, they’re just not used to fighting a new medic.

Although, yesterday I had an arena game versus bob with Emet and each dome lasted less than 30 seconds, this guy was good so seeing how he fared against a better monster was just sad, maybe it was just how hard he focused Hank. I mean he couldn’t even get the orbital off until the very last second and there was no time to set up buoys, he was in our face so quick because of the domes given having 2 bots didn’t help either but they literally did nothing.

Anyway I really don’t feel like unless you had some seriously like “balanced “it can go either way” domes” can Emet be strong or unless he has the high ground and it doesn’t seem like he works if your Hank gets ultra hard focused cause the health bar can be widdled down in between those healing bursts and with the reveal able moves, the passive doesn’t fight those very well for a cloaked person and I really don’t know how bucket plays with Emet against a really good monster. Maybe I just got some utterly monster favored domes that arena game and it wasn’t a good example or a behemoth with cooldown destroys Emet level of heals, you tell me. The real question is who thinks he’s too good in most scenarios or who thinks he is countered far too easily?


He’s good, but not amazing. He has pretty bad self sustain and is easily countered. I didn’t think anyone thought he was op.


It doesn’t help either that in combat, he has one less utiltity than all the others if anything the beacon is more than a distraction than a benefit to the team.


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, they are absolutely not centered around competetive play, if they were then monsters would have gotten some nice buffs a long time ago and the devs would stop throwing around telemetry numbers that are hugely influenced by the greater number of pub players than competetive players


I think it’s a bit early to be thinking about nerfs for Emet.


He needs some tweaking. The damage could use a small nerf, but more survivability. It’s not bad, but just a bit more. I also think the big green cross above his buoys should only be visible by the hunters. That’d make them much easier to keep deployed.


Emet is balanced.

And please use paragraphs, that is just painful to read.


I don’t want it, I’m just wondering who else thinks it’s going to happen regardless of what the community says.


I don’t see why he would be. He’s a good medic but not game-breaking like a certain support…


It seems Emet is getting a decent damage nerf. Beyond that my crystal ball is not so clear.


I think everyone who knows what EMET is saw the damage nerf incoming, what with him doing more than slim it was expected.


Macman’s response about Emet’s damage:

And Macman’s response on Emet’s healing buoys:

I’m fine if they nerf his damage, but I still believe the healing buoys need love, even if his win/rate disagrees with that suggestion, pro monsters who know that Emet’s weakness is burst attacks can easily destroy him, especially if they have Wraith or Kraken.


I changed it, your eyes feel better? :wink:


Wasn’t it expected for someone being played an awful, awful lot to be getting a lot of wins too? He’s gotta be being picked at least about 80% of the time now, so of course he’s going to get a lot of wins right?


I think the buoys are fine personally. The HoT is weak but the heal burst more than makes up for that. Just requires good positioning and coordination to pull off Emet to the best of his potential.


Should also have a green field around them too, everyone I play with says “where are the buoys, I tried to stay near them” but I dunno I don’t have a problem finding the crosses as a hunter.


80% is a ridiculously high number.


Monsters get buffs every update, exponentially compared to the hunters, so, what? Example : The evolution armor thing? Was totally because of competitive because somehow hunters remained close enough to monsters to do evo damage.


Yeah, some way to find them easier. I usually just end up constantly moving buoys regardless of if they’re destroyed or not, because nobody stays near them


It was an estimation I’m just saying because I haven’t seen any other medic be played since Monday night, I have no real way of knowing that, number-wise but it’s gotta be somewhere around that number ranged. At least high 60’s low 70’s.