Who else sacrifices efficiency for style?


I usually try to play my monster in a way thats stylish and cinematic for the hunters, sometimes at the detriment of my win chances. anyone else?


I used to do that. Then people got hyper competitive when rank happened. And now nobody has time to appreciate the little things. :C


I do that way too often, even used to do that during tournaments LOL

Pretty much going to exclusively go for style points and entertainment from now on as well, too much salt to take the game seriously, especially in the current state :stuck_out_tongue:


I`m playing Bucket. His style increases with efficiency. Just look at those beautiful loops after missile-stacking, those sentries watching you and the things I can do with the UAV.


I do it with basically every game ever. Since I generally don’t invest too much in winning (I do my job, but not tryhard), it’s easy to dick around and enjoy it.


i definitely agree. the more skill it takes for something to be played efficiently the more stylish it gets.


whats you favorite stylish move to do? personally, i love getting to a high ledge as goliath and leap smashing the hunters. i also love using fire breath as my in combat roar


A lot of times I’ll purposely let me health get low without overtly ‘throwing’ to build up more suspense and unpredictability xD

Also Gorgon wall jumps make for some epic plays!

Can’t forget always trying to ‘end’ the game in style. i.e. last hunter is running away and you try to vortex him into a tyrant or the likes hehe


Can you give some examples of style?


I’m pretty sure that’s the way you’re suppose to play.


When I use to play Skylanders, I would never put on hats. Hats give you bonuses in the game but they always looked ugly so I didnt put them on. XD


Leap smashing an opponent from an elevation of 80 meters, even if you miss to fire breath into the sky immediately afterwards.


You can be efficient and have style.


Ooh lol yeah. Or stealth style, pulling off an expert pounce from a bush on the last hunter to walk by.


let the last hunter get kinda far away with a sliver of health, let them think they’re safe, and tongue grab them. It’ll kill them instantly and end the game in a very anticlimactic way. It’s the best C:


I do it, I don’t care if I lose I like to have fun. It looks cool and feels cool. Leapsmashing off a big obstacle is so satasfying .


I do this a lot with gorgon. Throw a spider trap, cling to a wall and immediately leap onto a hunter. It looks badass even if you miss. :smile:


It just makes the game so epic, leaping to a wall acid spit, pounce. It’s the best part of fighting as a monster, i love it so much, it makes the game feel fresh.


As a hunter it makes it feel more like a boss fight. It makes the game feel a lot more fun for both sides. And it gives the new players a more positive experience.