Who else feeds off the hopes and dreams of hunters?

The title is self explanatory

whats hops need to git gud

Well going by the Lennox dialogue we know Parnell likes beer…

Our only hopes and dreams as hunters, at least according to Markov, is to die while we’re still young and beautiful. Go ahead, eat us.



If you replace ‘hopes and dreams’ with ‘misery’ and ‘hunters’ with ‘forumers’, sure

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it was hops

This guy:


Were u the one who went “continues to gain nourishment”. I can’t remember who said it

That sounds like something I would say, but I don’t remember that specific instance

wraith does

Ain’t no thing but a kraken wing

I just wanted to say that

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@10shredder00 @niaccurshi @toolbear all enjoy feeding on the crushed hopes, logic, and dreams of evolve forumgoers.

But I think it’s a little different. …


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I come on here like, this is a good Idea right guys?!?!?

They just be like

Nobody does, because you can’t physically feed upon things that do not physically exist. Hopes and dreams are ideas, not physical organic matter.

We already have a thread for random discussion, and no matter what you title it a question as abstract and irrelevant as this is inevitably going to become that. So kindly use that one instead. :slight_smile: