Who does the math?


Who ever does math for TRS i am sorry but needs to be fired.
And for the matter of fact who is responsible for doing maths for medics and perks ?

I’ve been professional gaming 15 years now , i’ve helped blizzard and icefrog balance their games out with feedback. If you guys have problems with simple math feel free to ask me , and no thats not a raging post or w/e but there is super huge issues with simple mathematics .


Do elaborate.

Not sure if it’s related, but the Goliath ability values (like radius and velocity) only improve with 25% according to the GUI even though they’re supposedly improving by 40% now.

Oversight or intended because it’s still a feature being tested?


I too feel that there are things amiss but I am curious as to what you feel is “wrong.”

Also it’d probably help if you don’t seem like a total jerk when you feel you’re trying to be “helpful.” Maybe that’s how you talk/type but one can’t get tone from text so more often than not one will assume the worst before the best of tones.

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gief cap back


What? Gief? Cap?
I have trouble comprehending your posts sometimes but I’m not even certain this is English. :frowning:
I’m not good with game lingo.

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What is it then?


its reality . why i should even rage ?i dont mind it , am just trying to help them balance the game.


Then you should actually report a bug when posting in the bugs category instead of just saying “TRS is bad at math”. That doesn’t help anyone at all.


I did that aswell =) the post is about to get the information who does the math part for them and an explanation why i need that information thanks for the tips though


I just started scrolling down the latest posts and haven’t seen your other post yet. Can you link me to it?


Only other recent post of his I could find about math was this in the micro patch discussion thread… so, I guess it’s something to do with that???


What are you even… what?


when a reasonable and considerate person posts something like this you know there is something really wrong and he has a point. that’s all there is to it


He is complaining about the capacity perk and ciara guys. Capacity only gives 1 extra grenade instead of 2.

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Not only that , and i aitn complaining i aint that type of person that complains . am stating the truth and facts . there is more depth into that but i dont wanna post it publicly so every pub mosnter goes and abuse it.


Well 4 + %40 does not equal 6 so…


these “truth and facts” are your opinion. Granted, your opinion is arguably more valuable than say mine because you are on one of the top competitive teams in esl.

I would personally say calling for someones job over the loss of a ciara grenade and a possibly strong perk is a little extreme. But that is just my opinion.


Well you are looking at it from wrong perspective , what about Evolve was my job ? and They are ruining it by just not calculating correctly?and making simple mistakes on math part anyway i am sorry i dont really wana discuss what they did in public i hope you respect it , i think you know who i am and i’ve done and how much i supported the comminity so u know taht i am not the "raging’ kind of person .


I get it man. I would just encourage you to look at it from a bigger picture. They didn’t specifically target you as the person to nerf. All the nerfs and lack of maths affect all of the teams. If the meta switches back to monster favored, nobody is going to take advantage of that more than source.

My money is still on you guys taking the trophy home. Good luck in poland man.


I aint saying it effects me or my team only its about the game balance .