Who do you see yourself as in game? Hunter or monsters


I see myself as a Behemoth. Round, slow, and just wants hugs.


i picture myself as jack young and want that ass. :stuck_out_tongue:



Because reasons.



Bucket for the sarcasm. Lennox for the asshole attitude. And Val because I can be serious and reasonable. :stuck_out_tongue:




A woman version of Abe.


Definitely EMET. Tries to help, but incredibly unstable xD and Bucket for the robots and sarcasm :bucket_salute:


Probably Crow. Kind of quiet, but a friendly and reasonable guy once you get to know him.


Same as @del009
But… Pass me the syringe and I will be a male version of Kala…but probably slightly less depressing…like…very slightly…the tiniest bit.


Maggie. Tries to do best going forward, some sass when deserved, tells the same story 40 times bc I forget I ever told it the first time, and loves daisy to death! :daisy:


I see myself as Goliath and tyrant
Goliath because no one wants to fight a fire breathing, Rock Chunking monster. Tyrant because I love swimming and I can eat anything that comes near the water.


Something that has hips that don’t lie. A stealthy predator with a badass way of eating.




Slow, fat, but tough as nails.


Goliath. Short tempered and the shit that comes out of my mouth sometimes I swear causes more flame wars than a yahoo article lol.


omg same fam lik dam fukn savage


Crow. I don’t really like speaking plus I’ve got a pet batray.


Mammoth bird. Pain in the ass but easily rid of if you drop a hammer on it.

Now if I be serious-

Hunter- Hyde, foul mouth, kinda crazy, most definitely an alcoholic and dropping wisdom of life masked in crude profanity.

Monster- Bob. I let my food come to me.


Slim, Crow, Maggie
Kind on the silent part of the fence and when they talk they have something to say.
Although sometimes the hours I spend on the game make me think I am more of a Sloth X-D


Gorgon. If I could I would totally spit acid in peoples faces when they annoy me. Also, eerie sounds. Love them.



Big, angry, and awful table manners.