Who do you consider he best combat trapper

Its a simple question, now that jack is out, which trapper do you prefer, but only for arena mode. So not taking into consideration tracking skill. Also not considering map or team comp or monster, as in, if you were thrown into a random match right now with no prior knowledge, which trapper would you want to be.
Could someone maybe make a poll? I honestly prefer crow for combat, followed by abe, then jack (for now), then griffin and maggie last, only because she has no way of marking the monster in a dome.

Haven’t played Jack yet, but before the update I would’ve said either Abe or Maggie. Abe’s shotgun is one of the more powerful trapper weapons IMO and his stasis grenades can be thrown everywhere.
Maggie’s harpoons are great at constantly slowing down, creating traps/safe zones and generally annoying the monster. Also, Daisy’s revive potential.

Abe and Jack are tied for 1st IMO. Crow takes 2nd, Maggie and Griffin take 3rd.

I’d say Jack or Griffin. They have the best CCs, but Griffin still outclasses in both tracking and CC, in my opinion.

Maggie, Crow, and Abe excel at tracking over combat.

Edit: combat doesn’t mean raw damage

Edit 2: In my opinion, Maggie, Abe, and Crow excel at pressuring the Monster, which makes them good at tracking

Griffin and Jack excel at reacting to the Monster, which makes me like them for combat/Arena battles

I prefer Jack/Crow/Maggie. All are good for me. Crow is probably still on top, then Jack. Then likely Maggie.

Depends on my team comp. Are we going defence? Jack. Are we going offence? Crow.

And is my favorite for combat. He can deal massive damage especially if someone males weak points and stasis grenades completely suck for monsters. I’d easily use him in arena over any other trapper

Jack is my favorite in combat for 3 reasons.

  1. Repulsors can ground Krakens. Thats like, the best thing ever.
  2. Pistols are deadly accurate, have decent damage, and add on the near nonstop headshots I can land, are amazing
  3. Satellite.
    It outdamaged assault once.
    Fucking beautiful.

Crow + Val = total control over monsters movement. Tranq and stasis gun makes it impossible for the monster to get anywhere, and you can literally follow it til the dome is ready to be dropped again. Also, when you’ve charged your stasis gun to max, you use it. Then switch and do health damage twice before switching back

Best combat trapper? Depends, do you want overall slowness in battle? If so Abe is the man, do you want to stop a Monster mid fight? If so that’s Jack and Griffin. If you want to create a safe haven area in a dome then it’s Maggie. All have their strengths and weaknesses so it’s just a matter of who works best given the situation.