Who do You All Think is the Strongest in Each Class


Obviously if someone is a tanky turtle you don’t go after them, but if all things are equal, why wouldn’t you?


Because they rarely are. If I go up against a Bucket, Abe, EMET comp then yeah I’d probably target EMET but that’d be because there is nothing stopping me from ripping him to shreds other than his roaching and that can’t last with limited jetpack fuel and his low heals per second.

If you see an EMET how often do you see an Abe and a bucket? If I see an EMET there is almost always either a defensive support or a hard CC trapper to mitigate the mistakes that are made by the hunters.


Not sure why you’re trying to debate. You’ve been saying the same thing the past 30 posts. I’m agreeing. Dean is right, if all things are equal I’d rather have the ability to prevent beacon rushes and would focus EMET over others. Which is what Dean was saying.


That if things are actually all equal they’ve picked a bad comp and have probably already lost and you could target the assault and it wouldn’t really change anything. EMET doesn’t have the heals to survive a decent focus without some actual defensiveness provided by someone else which means you’re facing noobs or a team that isn’t trying to win.


And I was saying even then I’d still focus over EMET because even a bad team that beacons spawn rushes is better than a team that can’t. Not saying you’re going to lose games over it, but if I want the game to end faster getting rid of that is a priority. It isn’t about possibly losing, its about not drawing out the game longer than needs be.


And i’m saying it’s like debating what to do against a legacy bucket val comp just finish them off in the first dome and get it over with.


And going for EMET first makes that happen? Like I said?


This whole thing is going off the rails. My original point was unless their comp is bad there is going to be a better target.

If they’re bad enough that they don’t know or care to build a decent comp around EMET then the beacon isn’t gonna come into play unless you let it.

So yeah ideally you wanna get a strike on EMET but generally he’s not the best target to go for and if he is then you probably don’t have to worry about that match or who it’s ideal to target


I had great matches with @SledgePainter and her friends and while we didn’t win everything, it was really nice watching how are they slowly improving their game around each match. :slight_smile:


Regardless of the outcomes, the moral victory of you, of all people, complimenting my Parnell was still the high point for me. LOL


You make it sound as if I’m some highly regarded person or something. :smiley:


LOL, it’s just because you hate the guy so being complimented while playing as him counts for something. I think you’d feel the same if an Emet hater told you your Emet is good and not so bad a Medic after all.


That I would indeed. And what do you think about Emet after our matches?


I never thought of Emet as lowly as most people do, especially after watching a video of Monkeybot playing as Hank with Poncha as Emet completely shredding Dean, back in the day. So it’s not like you had to change MY mind.


I just believed that the emet-haters hated emet because he’s a hands off-hands on type of medic. His healing isn’t very traditional since he has to heal through his utility. However, said utility is what gives him power over the other medics.

Val is hands on.
Laz is hands-off.
Caira is hands-on.
Slim is very hands-on.
Quira idk since I didn’t get to see much of her.
Papa is hands-on.

with Emet being the only hands on-hands off support.

Then a small few don’t think he’s viable at top-tier which he may or may not be, but he’s excellent for A/B tier.

Either way, I think he’s fine. It’s just what perks you pick and how you play that makes or breaks him.


I think its more that not just you, but your team, has to be amazing in order for him to be viable and is limited in group makeup to allow him to shine. Other medics can do what he can without as much effort/thought in group make up.


I agree. And it is teamwork what makes him so amazing. I tell you, I was watching my teammates learning each match to play around him, changing tactics and play style and once they clicked with him, it was like watching dancing butterflies. I freaking love teamwork, which is why I love Emet: he FORCES teamwork. Even though I realize I sounded like an elitist asshole full of himself, I always said to my teammates: either fight at place I pick, or die. It did wonders. :wink:


Yes, but in pubs I’ve ran Emet and either had bad/good teams or bad/good monsters. Once again, it comes down to what perk choices you make and how you play.

I run full jump height and the “focus the medic” mentality is how I survive. Sure, there could be a god Hank but Emet’s effectiveness comes down to out-of fight situations compared to Val who is built more for dome combat and ease of healing.

His buoys can stay up when Emet is dead, however it’s moot in S2 since there’s already passive regeneration. Or he can use it to bring someone back into the fight. Several times I’ve been 2v1ing the monster and my teammate goes down, I toss a buoy on his body, and run and he gets up before I die and we win since he kills the monster.

His beacon can be used to bait the monster, or prevent the monster from running only to risk the hunter team respawning and burning through the armor into low healthpool.

I mean in a group, yes teamwork and coordination is everything but you can’t just look at Emet like he’s an in-dome healer. Also why I said he might not work in top-tiers but rather A/B tier, since top-tier comes down to dome-engagements and not out-of-combat utility.


I disagree. EMET ‘REALLY’ needs good teamwork much more so than other healers. For instance, you can carry bad team mates with some other healers, but the same situation with EMET is nigh impossible if your teammates aren’t good.


Indeed. He is virtually useless without teamwork.