Who do You All Think is the Strongest in Each Class


I was focusing so hard on surviving, that after you were finished with me, I looked up and thought “what the fuck happened to his health?!”, followed by “fuck yeah!”. It was a great match.

Until we meet again.


I’d be interested in what you think his flexibility is and how that, favourably, compares to other medics.


I know exactly why I went down, however. As Terepin was roaching away, I stayed at ground level waiting for key opportunities to harpoon. I could see what Terepin was doing, going up and down as he was, and every time the monster went down I harpooned so that Terepin could get back up in that key second or two it takes the monster to swipe away the poon.

After Dean gave up that chase, he crouched in the under-tunnel area…and if I am one thing it’s horribly over-focused on preventing a monster’s channel. I have had prior very close matches with Dean where he would survive with just a shred of health due to channeling, and sometimes it’s better to go aggro than pull back…so I got out of the healing radius of the buoys…and that spelled disaster for me. Dean was able t get a solid leap smash on me even though I tried to dodge. I clearly should have dodged left towards the buoys and not against the relay building…then he charged me further out of position to finish me off with fire and such. It all happened really quick and even though I wanted to try to get back to the roaching spot it was completely prevented.

Had I stayed closer to Terepin and the buoys…I could have taken the first leap smash but perhaps still been able to roach…or at least stay in the healing fields a bit longer. THis is hard to say because I know Dean likes to combo leap smash with charge.


I think @Major_Warrior summed it up pretty good.

What I personally liked about Emet is that I don’t have to be anywhere close my teammates, or monster to heal. He is also great for roaching: just place one buoy on top of the pillar and keep pretending you’re a roundabout. It also gives me option to pick the best place inside the dome to fight. In such places I can rather easily hide buoys, which I demonstrated in my video.


I think it’s kind of telling that he almost downed Terepin quite a few times when admittedly

was not going tryhard
chose MG who he thinks is a trash monster and doesn’t like
fighting at a demonstrably strong place for the hunters
should have targetted a different hunter

You might have won but that was after a lot of mistakes on Deans part. Not sure if mistake is the right word since he said he wasn’t playing tryhard but…

Had Dean targetted you first instead of fruitlessly chasing EMET then I am positive he’d have downed you might have even done it before he lost any armour. Had dean not engaged in a spot that favoured hunters so much I can pretty much guarantee he’d have downed Terepin. I’m 90% sure if he’d went for you first sledge he’d have been able to down Terepin or Cabot before he reached the same loss of health


There is one specific thing in that match you can observe only on players who understand and can play Emet.

In first dome I didn’t run away because I knew that place is a heaven for me. Ask I had to do was to wait for him to leave the tunnel and to hope he will follow me up. Luckily, he did. If he just continued, I still wouldn’t go down there, wouldn’t deploy buoys there and I would have instructed my teammates to stay away from that place.

At stage 3 I picked that place specifically because it was the best place to fight with Emet. One buoy on top, one below and one in the middle. The trick is not to go to buoys directly, but to keep dodging from one to another. If they’re deployed correctly they provide a huge area of constant healing.

But the biggest sign that the player knows his shit was the second dome. Once I saw monster approaching me, I have instinctively went for that place on the left. I didn’t panic, I didn’t run away, or to any other side. That is something I mastered over hundreds of hours playing with him and back in Legacy I forced my teammates to learn it too. I was in top 5 Emet players for a reason.

Unfortunately in Stage 2 they opened up maps, which hurt Emet the most. They should have made buoys immune to DOT, which would fix him if not entirely, then at least for the most part.


But that’s the point. You can’t play the same way with every hunter. You have to change your mindset depending of what you have in team. Many players don’t do that, either they can’t or simply won’t. I learned to play with all medics after being scared of them because every time I picked one we died.


Naw that’s a good hunter thing. Engage in hunter favoured spots when the monster allows it or at least pick the best spot available when the monster engages.

What’s the point? That EMET can beat good monsters if they intentionally pick monsters they’re not good with then don’t play to the best of their ability?

I don’t expect to but if a hunter requires a much higher level of skill I expect a higher or equal not a lower reward for playing them.


I healz some of da shit, ja?

Again, the last fight is perfect example what makes Emet so great.


That monster just couldn’t keep a focus lol and he still managed to get downs

Like at 4 minutes he’s got the trapper on the ropes 20% health and then switches targets to a full health and jetpack bucket after a shield burst. Any aoe medic is gonna have a field day with that

In the last fight he targetted everyone and pretty randomly it seemed. Like he’d deal some damage drain their jetpack fully then toss a rock at someone else or charge them.

Hindsight is 20/20 and all but jeez dude needs to focus one target not try to spread it.


Talking to you is like having a conversation with religious fanatic.


Could say the same for you lol. Your first video is dean by his own admission not playing his best and your second video is of a person that can’t focus a target for the life of them and still manages to get downs when they manage to hold a focus for more than 10 seconds.




For me emet is great with bucket but that’s about it. I did go up vs a kala emet team once, with griffin, that worked well. Lots of coordination required but I can see that comp working at times.

If I see paladin or slim I know the healing is going to be high. With emet I’m mainly concerned with not letting him use his beacon to good effect. Typically this means emet gets focused so for the final fight he will die and then if I need to leave there’s no becaon.


Why target him first though? His survivability is equal to his healing so unless he’s bad at roaching why not target the trapper or defensive support first and then take out EMET since he’ll be easy pickings.


Because if you take too much damage and want to retreat, the threat of the recall button means strikes against emet are worth more than strikes on others.


If you’re taking too much damage downing the trapper or defensive support you’ll take even more downing EMET. You’re better off getting a quick down on the trapper or support and then targetting EMET when he’s vulnerable since his healing isn’t less effective on himself. If you target EMET you’re fighting through his healing, any shields and any CC. If you target the trapper first the CC may be less effective depending on which trapper, if you target the defensive support first they can’t defend themselves as well as they can EMET.

This is especially true if the trapper is one of the griffins, maggie or the support is hank or sunny.

If it’s cabot you’re reducing damage by mitigating that damage amp since he’ll be focused on running.

Unless it’s bucket and abe I don’t see why you’d want to focus EMET over the trapper or support and even then you just want to target whoever is worse at roaching.


True, its better to go after the worst roacher, but in general strikes against EMET are stronger than strikes against others not just because you can remove a healer out of the equation, but then you don’t have to worry about beacon spam because beacons are arguably stronger than passive healing buoys. The -20% max health for strikes doesn’t mean much if all other things in the battle are equal.


Of course every game and situation will decide on what may the best action but if trapper isn’t making my life hell and I can make progress on emet then I’ll go for that. Sometimes being predictable makes it too easy on everyone else and a good griffin will ruin your day so you may have to go someone else. I’ll quite happily go for emet first though and see how that goes before making adjustments.


But you want to get strikes and rather than beating your head against a wall trying to get him through CC and any shields or damage amp save him for 2nd or third and mitigate their defences by targetting someone who is less effective at protecting themselves.

Even if the trapper isn’t making your life hell they’re making things harder which might be enough for the EMET to survive when one more melee would have finished him.

When I’ve played as Hank with an EMET against monsters I made sure to shield just enough to keep him alive even letting the occasional attack through so the monster would think they were getting close even though if I’d done it as well as I could I’d have kept him at 90% health but then risked being targeted.