Who do You All Think is the Strongest in Each Class


Well, not in the dome though, unless you wanna be a static target for Orbital, mortars, toxic grenades, Thunder Strike, free golden beam or whatever high damage ability the hunters have at their disposal. XD

And if you do it outside the dome, you’re giving up precious feeding time.


You mean that he’s “slimmy squishy”? Or only because his name is famous?
Mmmh…I should make some researches (sarcasm)


Synergy is the strongest. Although Jack is pretty darn neat.


I am a bit bias mostly because I despise slim and hate how fast his heal burst comes when he lands shots and I got a bit lazy on writing my reasons of why i voted for those specific characters


I definitely lack knowledge in stage 2 but I do still think it will at least reduce the amount of damage she takes but she is vulnerable in the open. If domed where there are a lot of things she can hide behind then that’s gonna make things a bit harder for the hunters. I definitely have more knowledge on legacy since i’m on xbox where gorgon is pretty good. She still is very good in stage 2 (in my opinion) but I really don’t play the brawler types and i’m more used to her play style that is. But yeah it is easy to land shots on gorgon when she’s using mimic. Still mimic is a good way to mitigate damage for my play style. I mostly hide behind something and if they get to me I blow up the mimic use a web snare and on the opposite side of the dome I go. She definitely feels weaker in stage 2 though and I am a bit bias since I have a lot of experience with her too.


If the player can dodge well, Emet provides more than enough healing.

I had improved healing perk with class cooldown reduction buff. I felt confident enough in my own healing. The fact that @SledgePainter went down after 5 seconds was not my fault.

That jaust means players are too stupid to adapt to his play style.


I find it amusing on how long this discussion went after I made my decision on which Medic was best.

I find Emet good because he has a hell of a lot of flexibility.

If the Emet is smart s/he will place the Buoys in somewhat decent spaced out and hidden spots then Emet can just focus on dealing extra damage and adjust his Buoys as he sees fit.

You can even take the time to constantly heal from across the map if your team is fighting in the range of the Buoys.

Now in all fairness the team shouldn’t have to fight around the Buoys but more so Emet needs to make sure he puts them down where he feels they will be the most helpful which might on occasion require constant replacement in the heat of battle.

Back to the whole “across the map” thing. Emet can still provide heals as he runs off to place a Beacon.
If the Buoys get destroyed by the Monster it should only be for the reason of either the Monster really wanted that Buoy gone or it was badly placed.

Buoys are good distractions to provide extra healing while the Monster turns around to destroy one of the Buoys there.

When a Teammate goes down I usually place a Buoy above the teammate and then place the other two on either side of him/her to where the Monster can see them.
The Monster will be so focused on trying to kill the Downed Player and the two obvious Buoys that they will not see the third one doing its job. Or at least it will be too late anyway before he does notice.

Of course a majority of this experience is from Legacy but it still holds true in Stage 2 in most cases.

I’ve fought against top tier Monsters and survived as Emet because I had a solid Support helping me and I was on point with my jukes and dodges.

All I had to do was just keep on dodging and my Buoys kept me alive. I also had two strikes at the time due to bad early engagements but at the end of the game when the Monster was “ready” he never killed me.
He got hella close at one point but we ended up killing him.

Emet is by no means a bad Medic and can pull his weight for the team like any other Medic.
Just because a Medic is “harder to utilize” does not make him a bad medic.
It just means you need to be smarter in order to use him.
The moment you come across a smart Emet you’ll notice a difference in how hard it is to kill him and his team.

I will say there are pros and cons to him but lets be honest… that’s the same for every character in the game.
In some cases Emet can literally throw his Healing Burst thru the air and heal a teammate that way. His Buoy is practically a healing grenade if used as such since it doesn’t need to be deployed in order to activate the HB.

Sure some other Medics have some wonky range on their HBs but Emets come back faster and Caira aint saving nobody who’s in the air regardless of her versions.

If you’re fighting a Wraith who is either Stage 1 or 2 vs Slim well then you’re probably screwed. If Slim can’t hit the target because said Wraith is smart and all over the place then that teammate will not be getting enough heals to save their life.

Lazarus shouldn’t even be remotely discussed in the healing department and we all know why.

Val does have strong heals… on one person… if she’s not being focused…

Emet can consistently keep himself alive longer than any other Medic, even Lazarus in most cases because one Fire Breath or Acid or whatever and his Cloak is useless. His Cloak also doesn’t last long enough for him to get back any decent amount of Health should he become seriously injured.

Emet is like the energizer bunny. He can just keep going and going and going long after said Cloak would have run out.

Emet can also revive himself depending on where you get downed and where you placed your Buoy. You might not get back up but you’ll last longer as your team punishes the Monster than any other medic without question.

You can disagree as much as you want.
Emet is far from trash tier when it comes to other medics.
He has his own special place on the team.
That is why I main him or Lazarus (sometimes PaPa on occasion) because I have my own personal reasons as to why I like them.

Same with Electro Griffin.
Same with my other choices in the Poll.
I have my own reasons as to why I consider them good, if not the best.


I don’t play Pal.Parnell because he requires a great aiming to heal his teammates. His rockets have the same behavior than Caira’s G.launcher, but the explosion radius is reduced for higher projectile speed.
He has the highest healing output of all the medics (without the support) but his ability only last for a few seconds, and without it, he has the 2nd worst HPS in the game (very long reload time).
Pal.Parnell hold his name for the fact that he’s the “tough-to-kill” kind of medic, a mix between a tank and a medic. I once (and long ago) have been able to solo a Meteor Goliath in Arena mode with him, his survival abilities are his strongest pro, but his shotgun can have a wide crosshair against Slim’s static one.

Pal.Parnell requires a LOT of skill to be mastered, Slim is “stronger” because he doesn’t need to switch weapon, his crosshair never enlarge and he has a toggle for automatic HB, he’s just too easy to use.
With Slim, you aim and shoot, and that’s it.


It all depends on the situation, but I’m always trying to teach my teammates that I’m picking the place to fight.


Not exactly. His rockets travel in a straight line whereas Caira’s grenades in an arc. Which means Caira has an easier time healing people behind objects or far away. I believe her grenades’ healing radius is also bigger than the rockets’, and if I remember correctly, also heal 5 HP more than the rockets.


With your superpowers, anyone next to you learns automatically. or is it your limit? I am disappointed. I WAS EXPECTING MOAR, TEREPIN…TEREPI…TEREP…TERE…TER…TE…T…N…NI…NIP…NIPE…NIPER…NIPERE…NIPERET.


I wasn’t sure about the healing output, but I doubted that the healing radius was tinier.
I agree that the R.launcher is not 100% like the G.launcher, but what I mean with “the same behavior” is the fact that they both shoot projectiles that heals in an AoE, the only differences being the way the projectiles travel and how they heal on impact.


Parnell was just a medic I could not get the hang of. I get his power and his use, but he is a high skill character for sure, compared to the other medics. Those rockets are crazy hard to make work efficiently unless your team is completely amazing for you. I get that you can technically hit people in mid-air with them, better than Caira’s grenades, but tbh with either Caira or Parnell I’d hate to see hunters moving around in the air too much!


That’s exactly what I mean, he’s the medic the most hardest to play. Not even I can keep the team alive with him.


You and I have different definitions of well apparently.

Yet you still almost went down a few times less than 20% a bunch and less than 10% once. If you didn’t have CC you’d have gone down

Maybe not but it proves my point.

Or it means that EMET requires more effort and skill for no real benefit.

Eh. As soon as a monster notices you’re gone he should destroy your buoys. Slim can heal from across a map too but I’m not gonna trust his drone to last very long.

There isn’t any real need to intentionally destroy them unless they’re not gonna be replaced. They get tossed out easily so it’s wasted time to destroy them and they don’t heal enough that you’re forced to destroy them.

I’m not disputing that EMET is survivable I’m disputing the fact that he’s good at keeping his team alive. I can keep an EMET alive as griffin or hank but I have to toe the line between keeping him alive and being too much of a nuisance and being targeted which if they’re good means I’ll die. If the monster only focuses EMET and you have hank yeah you’re in for an easy match

I disagree. I’d rather have any other medic than him. Every EMET I’ve played with has been dead weight compared to other healing medics. Laz at least can pull off some amazing clutches but he’s super high risk for high reward and EMET is just high risk for moderate to low reward.

Fair enough but I disagree.


Plus hunters always start to get close to them once they start to worry about health as they don’t want to be out of range, and pretty much every monster that people would choose to play can take the buoys out as a side effect of generally attacking the hunters. I’ve never seen deployables of the level of the buoys to be a distraction, they are just collateral damage. The whole thing with deployables is that they are infinite and redeployable. Take the ability to redeploy out and they’re about as distracting and worrysome as a fart in a swmming pool.

I don’t want to shit on Emet, I certainly remember the small period that you could play running full cooldown perks and basically make the hunter team extremely tanky and enjoyed that a lot (and hated playing against it). But he was the hunter that was most in need of a rework and so is the most disappointing character of the bunch when it comes to having a real niche to use.

Want healing? Go with literally any other hunter but Laz.
Want to troll the monster with pressure and uncertainty? Laz is much better at it
Want to be more survivable if focused? Laz with the right perks, Quira, even Rogue Val are better at keeping standing as long the team aren’t abandoning you.
Want flexibility? I don’t see how you’d go for anyone but Slim who can happily be as offensive or defensive as he likes, or Quira who can provide very specific buffs/nerfs for specific situations you’ll find yourself in. Val with her utility makes her a great choice for someone who wants to be able to be effective on the hunt and attack while being a great healer too.

@IWannaBeATiger is right, I absolutely don’t mind at all the idea that people think that Emet is their favourite medic, because that’s 100% cool. But I think when you’re talking “strongest” it’s a hard sell to call Emet that when on pretty much every differentiation between him and other medics, at least one medic does that job better.

The only thing that Emet is stronger on than anyone else is getting people back on their feet if they’ve been downed, and even with that strength I’d rather have Laz on a team that is getting downed because I wouldn’t want the strikes come the stage 3 fight that will inevitable now happen.


I feel like I should have posted this when @Terepin first replied to me



When it comes to Emet, I will fight you to death!


Strongest because of healing output? Nope. Strongest because of flexibility? You beer your ass he is.


No of course not and it will be posted from my pov in the future. Might actually put it up today as it has come up in this topic.

To be transparent I was not going tryhard that game. I chose MG who I think is a trash monster and personally cannot stand. Although he should, in the right place, be decent vs emet due to his fire breath which has a great range even if it does take 5 hours to finish.

I then also stuck around fighting at a demonstrably strong place for the hunters. That small building at relay where I lost all armour and 5 bars of health. Obviously I should have either not fought there or fought somewhere else if I was domed there. Even if I did choose to fight there I should have mixed it up and gone on some other hunters far sooner so im not being predictable. I will say that although he had a strong position to roach terepin did a solid job of staying alive.

I don’t want to always go 100% because if I keep winning by some huge margin then it’s not really fun for either side. But if I play a monster I really don’t like and in a poor area to fight then it automatically evens the fight to some degree while also giving me more experience with a crap monster and fighting in a bad area. So it’s not like I’m just going easier, I get something out of it as well.

I will however not be fighting at that location again…
Oh and terepin had to get off after that game so I was unable to get some sweet sweet revenge.

Until next we meet
Keep your buoys ready
before you become meat