Who do You All Think is the Strongest in Each Class


The healing radius would have to be stacked at all times…and are we still saying she is using only 3 grenades stacked? Because it makes a difference if you took double capacity and got 4 stacked…it would be difficult to stack all of them while maintaining that roaching.


I think it depends on the person, I can’t say whether or not I’d keep them stacked or not at my ability, but I know for sure others could in that situation.

The tower itself isn’t far off 11 meters tall, maybe a bit longer at it’s lower side, but certainly not as big as 22 meters, so as long as you kept firing grenades about halfway up it and juked it like Terepin did then you’d be pretty constantly in just under 90hp per second healing. I don’t agree personally that it is hard to do a quick flick of your view towards the pillar you’re juking around to fire a point back grenade and keep on moving around it, but I respect that maybe it’s not something that everyone is used to doing.


I didn’t know that. Still, I find deployment of buoys a lot easier than healing grenades.

1 second setup time is an issue?

You can be very easily pushed out of it and it won’t protect you from receiving a strike unless you have Hank in your team.

A very short time, in which you can barely heal up to survivable level once it goes down.

I threw it because I wanted to show people where and how Emet works and that he can indeed work.

I’d need to focus on properly shooting grenades to provide steady and consistent healing along my way, which is too much complicated when I need to focus on running away from monster. And I’d be still missing whole 4 meters of healing per grenade.


Then another hunter will start doing the same thing. If the place is right and hunter knows how to dodge, then monster can’t do much and it doesn’t matter who he is focusing.

I can do more damage then and have time to redeploy buoys without interruption.

Fair enough.

You really hate him, do you?

Quote me.

Finally, we agree on something.


What do you mean, “quote me”? Your vote is visible to everyone. LOL


A whole hundred extra damage every couple seconds.

and a constant stream of 45(?) hps

That’s not gonna be as helpful as stopping harpoons from an Egriff.

Naw I just don’t think he’s any good compared to other medics and every EMET I’ve had on my team I’ve had to drag kicking and screaming to victory.


BTW, I understand that Quira doesn’t get the every 6 seconds heal burst of 300 that Emet provides himself, but she can somewhat reliably generate another 40+ hp per second for herself (on top of Emet’s buoys healing) (240hp) and with a generyst field add another 500+ to that for the period of one of Emet’s heal burst cooldowns AND if fired at the right time only take less than half the damage dealt for 5 seconds (taking figures from things I can easily search) and so that healing, for that 5 second period, is effectively like a total of 640+ hp extra too.

So for around a 30 second duration, assuming some cooldown reduction perk usage, Emet in best case scenario could provide a total of something like 2700hp healing to himself, while Quira could achieve an equivalent (including damage reduced) of over 4000hp.

Of course Emet has burst which may save him in situations where Quira would bleed out, but then Emet doesn’t have the ability to hit damage reduction during that chain of attacks to stop it being devastating if they all hit either. Swings and round abouts, but depending on your proficiencies and comfort in playstyles, Quira is significantly more reliable during a focused engagement in a place she can juke around a pillar. Even if you only had two grenades on the go, her total max heal equivallent would be over 3000hp*

Sorry if my maths is screwy, or numbers used out of date, but I think it’s important to put some perspective on how much healing you can get from running around a relatively small area, most of the time in the video Terepin was easily within 11 meters of the opposite side of that pillar!

*Edit: And that’s not even talking about advanced techniques like other hunts putting in blocks during the neutron barrier to further spare Quira while not getting boned themselves for the defensive play.


Thing is, you do understand that both of these things are out of your control as the medic? So an Emet pick, fun as it is, is a gamble in hoping that the monster makes a mistake getting caught, and then makes poor strategic choices?


Every bit of damage counts.

Still more than 0, no?

Because you had shitty Emet player. Which most players are.

Oh that. Yeah, well, I love the guy, but I wouldn’t pick him against strong monsters. Maybe for fun. :slight_smile:


Can you both stop arguing each other? It’s been since the top of the thread that you’re still on it.
On a last note, this thread is not about THE best characters of the game but the character YOU THINK is the best (and so fits you the most). Personally, I can have multiple preferences in a single class.


I said he is situational. I don’t deny that.


This is true but when it comes at the expense of keeping your team alive it counts against you.

Well when you were barely surviving with your trapper helping you I’m not too confident in your trapper surviving when they have no CC and only the same amount of heals as you had.

If every single EMET I’ve ever encountered or played with was shit that doesn’t bode well for him being a good medic.



…wut? The question asked who we think is the strongest in each class it’s not who we like the best.

If it was who we liked the best I’d vote Laz, Wraith, Hank, Torvald and Abe.


So that’s too much!




Are you trying to mock me or something? I said: STOP!





Guys let’s calm down it’s not that serious!


That’s enough fighting in this thread. If It keeps up and it’ll be locked. If ya’ll disagree, do so respectfully.


But what if I disagree with your statement? :smiley:


I personally feel that gorgon is one of the best monsters next to kelder and Goliath, mostly because of mimic. Using mimic gives gorgon a way to deal damage but take very little if not any,I feel that’s a very powerful trait about her. Although I do feel Goliath may be a more solid pick it just seems that his rocks are too easy to block. That and I have no idea how to play him. I also think Behemoth is very good in stage 2 only because of the passive. I rarely play hunter so I don’t really know who is really good but for assaults I would say Parnell because he works well with a lot of the supports from my experience on the monster side and has the ability to deal loads of damage . Both griffins are very good especially when paired with sunny. Sunny in my opinion is one of the best hunters because of that shield drone and jet pack booster. The shield drone may not be the best but it can tilt a monster player when ignored. That jet pack booster though it’s good because the hunter who is being boosted might as well have two jet packs and slim I think slim is the best medic because he’s slim.