Who do You All Think is the Strongest in Each Class


Which is why battlefield awareness is essential. If you will watch my video you will see that I picked those places for a reason. Just because Emet requires different approach to fights it doesn’t mean he is any worse than other medics.


You’re right it’s the fact that he requires a different harder approach, requires more skill from his teammates and isn’t better than other medics only providing a little extra damage which means he’s worse than other medics.


You are so biased against him that you simply refuse to see his strengths. Watch my video again. Which other medic would survive this kind of pressure?


Slim. He’s able to reset a hunter to full health with Mechanized Recharge just like Emet can and he’s also better overall, with the exception of a couple matchups that you barely even see in the meta.


Rval maybe quira, caira, laz, slim or papa?

The thing is though it’s not only about the medic surviving at all costs it’s also about keeping your support or trapper alive as well.


That applies only if Slim is shooting monster. If not, than he is no better than any other medic simply because his regular cooldown on healing field is long. Emet’s is short cooldown on his own.


Whatever. Most monsters are hard on the engage when a hunter is about to go down and if not, shoot wildlife or something.


I agree with that. I feel more confident with a reliable Emet, than a good Slim, BUT, he
is dependent on the places you want to fight.

Just imagine an MG on a flat terrain, some flames spammed at 360 degrees and byebye buoys.

Slim is voted as the strongest medic ? Pfff, he was weakened too much on latest patch…so much hate was thrown at him by crybaby monsters which couldn’t accept any loss…otherwise they were ready to post their tears here at forum back in the day, i still can remember.

Now if you don’t dodge attacks like godlike, a strike on you is guaranteed.

  • Rogue val: Worse than Emet, because once you uses your healing field you are at monster’s mercy until it recharges again.
  • Quantum Caira: Worse than Emet, because her healing fields are only 2D, which limits your movement.
  • Caira: Worse than Emet, because her self healing is pathetic.
  • Lazarus: Worse than Emet, because he has only healing field with twice as long cooldown and his cloak can be revealed by flame.
  • Slim and Paladin Parnell: Worse than Emet, because you have to keep shooting the monster to survive, which you can’t do when you are constantly dodging around objects.

You don’t have to worry about that when he is focusing only you.


Rval: better healing than emet and has constant health regen up until she gets low and can pop her HB which resets her
Caira’s self healing is worse but again her team healing is better and she can survive a focus with her self heal
Quira: better team healing than EMET and it’s not 2D it’s a sphere…
Lazarus: has the glove which compared to beacon is amazing
Slim + PaPa can actually keep their team alive while surviving some amount of focus

Which would be useful if EMET had taunt but since the monster is a player and can target anyone…

The main thing to draw from this is if they don’t focus EMET then your team is in for a bad time.


True for Slim but not Paladin. He can’t heal himself effectively and the others at the same time. His HB only heals himself.


What I meant was they’re good at healing their team and themselves not that they can both heal their team and themselves at the same time. Val is good at healing her team but not herself. EMET is good at keeping himself alive but not his team.


Are we talking about same Rval here? Once she used her healing field her passive healing stops, which worsens hear healing of herself and of her entire team by a lot. With Emet this isn’t an issue, because even if the buoy gets destroyed, you can quickly redeploy it.

I was asking for that one specific area in my video, not in general. And even then I’d argue about it, because Caira’s healing suffers once her teammates start flying around like a fucking butterflies.

Whatever the case, a healing buoy can heal up to 15 meters in all directions regardless of obstacles. This alone beats the shit out of Quaira’s healing versatility.

Again, useless when monster is focusing only you.

Even with Slim you still need to dodge. And PaPa can’t heal himself and team and the same time.


Look, I’m not saying that he is some super powered magical healing wizard that can kick monster’s ass on his own. But almost everyone is shitting on him ever since he was released more than 2 years ago. Enough is enough.


Alright, I’m gonna type it out again but make sure you read it this time. Rval has constant health regen until she gets low and pops her HB which resets her. See the thing is her healing with her field and gun are enough to keep her team alive which is why there is a trade off. EMET doesn’t need that trade off because his healing isn’t enough.

In that specific scenario she can keep herself alive maybe not as long as EMET can but if the monster decided to switch to your trapper or support instead they’d have been boned.

Good thing her healing is better than his healing so it doesn’t matter that his AoE is bigger.

Not really Laz is supposed to avoid being focused. Like yeah if you want this exact scenario laz would probably die but if we assume a good player is using Laz he’s not running face first into the monster to start a fight.

So dodge?

So? Most good monsters try to focus down one hunter unless they’re playing MG.

So? The main thing you want is to keep a focused target alive being able to heal 4 people at 50% effectiveness doesn’t matter when the monster is focusing down your support and you need 110% to outheal the monsters damage

I mean you said he was the best medic might not be implied that he can solo a monster but you started this argument.

Cause he’s not good.

If the game was still being developed and he had a hope in hell of getting buffed into a good spot it might be time to stop but since he’s stuck in this state…


As someone who popularized Terepin’s comp, let me tell you right here and now that this statement is utter and complete bullshit.

Which was my point.

Why would they? All they would have to do was to do what I did: keep roaching around buoys.

You are the first person saying that Quaira is any good.

Hence why i said Emet requires different approach, which does NOT make him bad medic.

I’m saying that he is not so bad as you are trying to make him be.

He is situational. That does not mean he is not good.

All medics needed buffs, not just him.


All medics have strengths and weaknesses but against differing monsters. Even so, it is very difficult to escape a direct combat situation when you are the target of focus and when you have to shoot the monster in order to stay alive yourself. Slim and Papa have to face the monster head-on to do this. Caira and Emet are the best medics to roach and dodge with because they can focus on escaping while healing themselves AND their team if its in close enough proximity. Being able to turn your back on the monster to run aids in your escape, while at the same time keeping the monster in your peripheral vision to see where it is going, and be able to roach away to avoid further combat. QCaira can somewhat accomplish this too but it’s more limited due to the healing field radius.


I disagree. First, you need solid object near you to use healing grenades. Secondly, your focus of shooting those grenades is using your precious brain energy on focusing on escape. And thirdly Emet can heal himself a lot more in the same amount of time.


Quira’s grenades heal in all directions regardless of obstacles, for 11 meters I think if my search is working, with no setup time, and they stack to provide better and more responsive healing for someone (including herself) being focused in a specific area. Throw in the neutron barrier or whatever it’s called and she’s tanky as hell for a time too.

But I think this kind of comes down to the point being made by others… you threw up the example of that fight around the platform as something to compare… and Quira would ace that situation with that same monster. She’d take half the damage you did for a portion of the fight, and she’d be able to heal herself more consistently too.


Terrible point when most monsters won’t hard focus the person they can’t kill… it’s like focusing the trapper when hank and val are still alive it’s probably not gonna work.

Because it’s not working against you so target the trapper so their CC is less effective or target the support so they can’t use their damage amp or shield or whatever.

Woah there I’m not saying she’s good I’m saying I’d take her over EMET.

Naw Laz requires a different approach. Emet is just worse. He’s stuck somewhere between slim and laz while somehow managing to be worse than both.

Naw you said he was the best medic. If you wanted to argue he’s not that bad fine but you said best.

He is situational in that it requires the monster to focus the medic, while letting you pick the location of the fight.

Nah lol.