Who do You All Think is the Strongest in Each Class


Dude, do you even compute?!


I don’t even know wtf you’re saying anymore.

My point was that if they cannot down an EMET with an offensive support they’re probably not very good or they’re having a very bad match. You already had a strike lol. TBH I’d be embarassed to have that video spread around if I was that monster.


@deanimate are you embarrassed by my video?


Not every time off course, but you know, a cheesy sniff once a while never hurt anybody (except dem hunters off course, muahahaha)


I never said Emet is easy medic to play with.


Man just because he’s a garbage medic doesn’t mean you can’t like him or play him.

His healing is just worse even if you play him perfectly and your team plays perfectly. If the monster goes after the support or trapper and they don’t play amazingly theres nothing EMET can do it’s all on the trapper and support to keep themselves alive with bad healing it’s like playing with a Laz.


I’ve been following your discussion for a while, I tend to agree that medic’s healing isn’t as good as any other medic (maybe lazarus is worse) but emet isn’t a defensive medic, he is supposed to be played as agressive medic, preferably with bucket comp which just deals as much damage as they can in shortest amount of time possible and clicking the “reset button” whenever someone gets too low. Emet’s damage is pretty considerable for a medic (around 100 for one click, and easy to aim) and with bucket together they just work extremely well. Thats comp that me and my team beat source with back in the day. As you said tho, emet’s healing is one of the worst, he still definitely has his place in the game.


High damage for a medic is low damage compared to a support or trapper. Why take a huge loss in survivability for a slight bump in damage


Theres also the argument that in tournament pick system you might sometimes consider picking other medics/supports that do better against certain monsters. What other medic is there to be played with bucket, and bucket with full poison has considerable and consistent damage to a monster, also emet is one of the most survivable medic by himself, thats also a point that you have to take into consideration.


The benefits of Emet aren’t his healing, or his (comparatively poor) damage output, but the flexibility he gives by not tying people to keeping track of their medic (Generally you need to make sure you don’t find yourself behind cover with other medics) and the beacon.

However I think many, myself included, would argue that a Laz with the right perks does this flexibility and revive job better. If you’re picking Emet because he heals better than Laz then realistically you probably want to be going more towards Quantum Caira at the least.

Emet’s great fun, I enjoyed playing him a lot, but he was such a niche pick that I’d only do it for personal enjoyment, not because he comes close to being the best (in meta) medic.

Edit: And my problem with the idea of Emet being an offensive medic is that to be truly useful he’d have to run off once the fight was looking a little ropey to set up a beacon for the maximum impact, thus taking both his healing AND his damage with him. It’s not great having an offensive medic who has to ditch the fight two thirds of the way through to be most useful :confused: Like Emet’s character, his playstyle is conflicting with itself.


He isn’t gonna do much to you by himself though so squish his teammates cause they lack survivability then take however long you need to finish him off.

Tbh I don’t actually know the tournament system never bothered with it.

I dunno I only ever picked him when the medic insisted on Laz.

The beacon is pretty meh tbh it takes too long to spawn people in

Slim does it much better imo.

Sidenote: I feel like this happens super often in multiplayer game design. They come up with an idea for something cool not thinking about whether it’s OP or not then they add it in and you get something that sounds like it’d be OP but it ends up UP because they over compensate.


In theory, yes. In reality, not so much. I mean yes, this is how he should be played. But how many players can play him this way? And how many players can play around him this way? Only very few people is able to adjust their mindset when dealing with in Emet in team.


Cause it’s just not worth it. He isn’t better than a good Val, Caira, slim, or PaPa so why bother learning how to play with him when you can get twice the results for half the effort.


To be honest with you, I dont really have any other arguments, I just have my results while playing emet comps, we thought of different comps and this one seemed to be working to our liking against pro monsters, so we ran bucket/emet a lot, with different strategy than Horse Toast tho, as they like to run jump height on both medic and support, we ran double cdr on emet and double poison on bucket, just for more umf (full hp all the time on reset button and more damage). What I found funny about evolve is that every player has their own understanding of the game and moments like these happen a lot, two players around the same skill level argue about some medic being utter trash all the time on one side and on the other side this medic being extremely good in some situations. Just found that funny every time.


All other medics need to follow the team, but Emet is vastly different in this regard. He has to pick the place to fight and others have stay within the reach of buoys.


With Emet it is essential to know where you can fight. Open areas are death traps for Emet. The more cluttered the area is the better. And tunnels are paradise for him, because monster would have to overcommit to destroy buoys. And Emet himself is hiding in safe spot.


I dont like that strategy, our team used to be running comp with bucket emet a lot and we always fought WHEREVER just because we always had the comfort in reset button, that comp works extremely well if you play it correctly and dont take too much damage early on (have to pop reset nearly instantly), the idea is that everyone is in the dome (we didnt even really use respawn beacon) and by the time that monster gets his armor nearly down we would most of the time pop the reset button just because thats about the time the monster needs to get someone low enough, it worked against any goliaths, bucket emet abe and renegade abe, stage 3 fights we relied on houses/pillars to run around them (had to be big enough so monster cant hit you from splash on any of his abilities, weather control is the best map for this) abe slows himby throwing one grenade every so often on that certain house, bucket turrets keep hitting him while he is running around with rabe’s dart (more dmg) and rabe’s grenade makes it a little easier to stay alive.


It’s not like he can solo a monster. Yeah, he’s more survivable but that doesn’t beat keeping your support alive while they keep you alive.

If anything that’s a point against him

Sounds like a selfish, lazy medic that forces people to play around them while not providing a large enough benefit to be worth it.


Emet has HUGE area of healing. But that depends where you fight and how well you can deploy buoys. In theory you can have area of 45m2 where is constant healing. Despite popular believe his passive healing IS important, which is why buoys can’t be in monster’s face.


Agreed, the reality has always been that aside from a few mistakes, or forced errors thanks to over committing early, monsters pick the fighting spot.