Who do You All Think is the Strongest in Each Class


Laz with all the HB Cooldown perks is very effective.

EMET is great with Jet Pack Thrust height and Fuel perks because you can do very nice “jump shots” (like in basketball) to throw healing buoys over long distances as well as escape from Monsters while giving yourself nice high position to aim and fire homing missile barrages.


when you’re chasing them to get a dome or to keep pressure on them

being way faster also helps with getting in front of them s o m e h o w


As a monster I like all the increased smell rang perks. This way I can find my trapjaw friends more easier.


So how do Hunters counter a Shielded Health monster? I mean when the latest perks came out and I tried them out all the monsters now had sustain.

Recently I asked “What do you think are the worst perks for a monster to take” or something like that, and what I wanted to do is flip the monsters challenge to actually be a lot harder (right now, its many newbs with just a few straglers of experience here and there) experience.

Now from time to time I grab the shield regen perk… (oh that life regen just feels dirty) when the hunters have been gnats you cant just shake, (Looking at you CROW shooting me through walls causing many unhappy feelings))

I find it interesting that a lot of hunters do not employ a full set of acidic type rounds. As a monster, that EVOLVED Claw that does Health bleeding is a massive part to my kits, especially with Wraith. But I find I can counter most hunters with that basic setup (brawl,feed,claw) and to be honest I think its the feeding speed boost of 2/3rds mixed with two haste really give me the length I need to stay away and get my work done… (gotta eat after all)

Before I took a break from evolve, the hunters were able to chase me down and just deplete my health. so the fights would always come down to well downs. They could be close, but

omg there was a fight, I was in a small box canyon as Blobbie, the hunters had me surrounded and the cool downs on my needed abilities were just not yet ready…

They pinned me down (harpoons and all) in this itty bitty box and they just ripped into me, IT WAS AMAZING now that I think about it. The hunters all working in tandem… wow. I miss those fights.


Usually, medic, support are better off taking defensive perks while as the trapper I generally want to take a movement perk set or reload if I’m Griffin and the assault could take poison but I think capacity or reload generally beats poison. If poison could work with crows armour penetration then it’d be a must have perk.

Reminds me of one match I had against a Goliath as Griffin. At the last dome I was just so in the zone stopping every leap smash, majority of the traversals and wasting charges so the goliath tried focusing me but I somehow anticipated almost all of his attacks only needing to use jetpacks to dodge RT. Lasted like 15 seconds before the monster just gave up. I felt bad but also amazing.


Sadly, im known for it lol. Evolve is a complicated game, and even “simple” things often have big explanations. Props to you for reading it all if you did.

I seriously agree.

I think the worst part is we had a guide line for what they WANTED to do- and just didnt get the chance to. I think idve felt much better about the ending of development if wed gotten to at least finish those.



But on a more serious note…
I gotz muh raisins for muh deecisionz!


I know but I was.curious about your reasons


Hmmm, let’s see, what were my favorite perks again…

Goliath: Hunger/Brawler, Speed Climber, Evolved Claw/Evolved Recovery
Kraken: Hunger, Mutated Recovery/Fly Swatter, Evolved Recovery/Grounder
Gorgon: Hunger, Speed Climber, Evolved Recovery (or for giggles, Brawler, Mutated Senses [with increased pounce damage ;), Deadly Brawler)

Behemoth was also fun to do some perks with, like damage reduction perks and Unkillable (armor regen +60%) against an inexperienced team, so if armor was almost down, hide in a corner, pop a wall and look at all that armor coming back LOL

Also don’t underestimate climb speed. I think every monster player knows how hard it is to follow a target who is kiting up a wall, only to be incredible slow when climbing up because of A) Harpoon(s), B) stasis grenades, C) etc…, increased climb speed really helps with that.


Cheesy mofo! LOL, 99% of the times in Arena the monster player picks Bob and does just that. Which is why I almost always pick either Torvald or Hyde when I’m Assault. xD


Parnell being the strongest? BUHAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s a good one. Every single fucking time someone picks Parnell there is barely any damage. Unless the monster is clueless retard.

Jack’s Repulsors > everything else. Period. Not even how broken they are against Gorgon changes this fact.

Emet: Because you can get healed while dodging, kitting, flying and breaking LOS with your medic. But he requires competent teammates. Slim is boring and for simpletons with stupid teammates.

Kala: Monster wanna hide? I have Kala. Monster wanna sneak pounce me? I have Kala. Monster wanna engage outside dome? I have Kala. Stage 3 fight? I have Kala. Far away from power relay? I have Kala. Hunting down monster? I have Kala. We need to run away? I have Kala. Sunny is just a walking target that can’t do shit because she is being constantly targeted.


This was against top monster. You just need to use your brain to fully utilize him.


lel. His heals per sec is shit like you can’t even argue that (noticed that you didn’t argue it lol). The only one with worse healing per second is Laz and he’s not meant to keep you alive against a full focus. EMET can work but support and trapper have to step up their game to deal with such a lacklustre medic.

Everyone has a bad match man no need to taunt them with that video.


Who’s taunting who?


You’re taunting that top monster by saying an obviously bad medic is top tier

Also honestly not impressed. He couldn’t down an EMET with an offensive support lol


So, just because Emet is shitty medic in your book, winning with him means monster player was bad and I am taunting him? Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?


Has a garbage tertiary ability, has garbage base healing and completely relies on heal burst to be mediocre.

A monster not being able to down someone with terrible healing when they don’t even have a defensive support. Colour me not impressed.


So wait, offensive support makes it harder for monster to down medic? Do you even read the shit you are writing?


“Look at me, I am dumb, I can’t play Emet, he is dumb, he stinks, I am great, hur-dur.”



No, an offensive support makes it easier to down EMET because an offensive support isn’t defensive. Which is why I am not impressed lol. Do you even read? (apparently not)

I soloed a monster with a bucket with health regen once. Does that make bucket good or that monster shit?

“Look at me I’m Terepin and my teammates carry me so I think EMET is aces, hur-dur.”