Who do You All Think is the Strongest in Each Class


Lennox is great, period, if you are/got someone who is good at her. (e.g. doesn’t spam autocannon when they’re directly in range of a Monster to punch… grrr…) She’s amazing with Cabot too. Scared me first time when I played with both of them with how much damage was occurring. It doesn’t surprise me that Parnell and her are tied though. I have equal chance of winning with them.

Also I was gonna vote Jack just because bias, but… can’t deny Griffin of the spotlight.


If all she had was a shield drone (SD) then you’d have an argument her but jetpack booster (JPB) is much more effective for protection and utility and she gets protection from hard focus by the SD.

Hanks shields are better than sunny’s shields for protecting others. His shield projector(SP) doesn’t work on himself while sunny’s works on herself. Also, most good monsters try to burst people down which makes the SD work almost as well as the SP. Every time it’s deployed that means it’s the start of an engagement, it was destroyed by either ability or melees which is a soft reset for the hunters, or the hunters got out of position which isn’t a problem unless it’s sunny that was out of position.

Has a long cooldown and in stage 2 it’s pretty garbage can’t be used as a movement tool and does like 1/4 the damage in a more widespread area over a longer duration. Orbital even in legacy was a once a dome reset that gave you a little time to get jetpacks back and get some heals.


Agreed on this… but to a certain extent the same difficulty applies… sometimes worse… against some other hunters with deployables:

Bucket spawning 3 mini-hunters that shoot at the monster.
EMET spawning 3 mini-medics that can also revive downed hunters.

Lazarus is a special case because he can inflict the opposite problem - he can fool monster players into thinking there are only 3 targets instead of 4… functioning as a low-aggro “unseen helper” with the single most powerful healing burst of the game.


Oh off course. I agree. Especially the healing outside the dome scenario with Laz and EMETs healbursts.

Throw Bucket (stage 2 ver) in the mix and you got a good comp already. Well, in the right hands off course. Good coordination is key to make it work, hence why not many teams use it.


Hank is indeed better as a whole-

Than sunnys drone.

But sunny isnt JUST her drone.

She has a full kit- And within the context of what her kit can do- Her drone is amazingly powerful.

Its true that sunnys drone has “no filter”, it shifts targets to whoever took damage last- and then shields the next source of damage.

This however means the monster is utterly incapable of laying down focus damage on any single hunter if they want to make progress, which is VERY difficult to do against a coordinated and competent team that undestands ability cycling, positional shifting, jetpack management, dodging, and ability interrupting.

The reality is that once Sunnys drone goes down- Unless the monster is a hair away from securing a down, they have to deal with it. This means they either have to position to melee it down (kraken arguable is arguably the best at this, as is glacial to a lesser degree, due entirely to their range to take this down), or burn an ability to remove it- Negating up to 1/4th their resources they could have otherwise dealt to the hunters.

Either case, is bad.

If you try and focus sunny herself the situation isnt much better outside of the fact that she cant jetpack boost herself. She has considerable toss-range on the drone, and can literally throw it behind the monster when shes being focused- Forcing them to turn around to deal with the drone- Giving her a huge window to kite, dodge, escape, recharge more jetpack, etc. Its a major distraction- And its constantly there.

Outside of that- I mean, come on. Jetpack booster.

2 supports are arguably best suited for the “meta” of the game-

And thats cabbages, and sunny.

When you get down to it- at its core- especially for stage 2- The “meta” of the game from a hunters perspective boils down to doing as much extra damage as possible.

Theres a maximum amount of damage the hunters can do before the dome drops and the monster is free to escape. In an ideal world they deal all of the damage necessary to drop the dome, before a hunter can go down. It doesnt matter what comp you take- This “figure” or “goal”, is the same.

So the DIFFERENCE, comes from comps that can maximize the amount of post-dome damage they can do while the monster is escaping. Getting 1-2+ extra bars “post dome” across the anticipated few domes a game- Means that come to that stage 3 relay fight (if the game gets there), the monster is going to be down about 3-6+ bars of life that they would have otherwise had.

Cabbage is ideal because he can preserve his amp, and just before the dome drops- Light up the monster- Making it take gobs of damage as it flees.

And sunny works as well because she can ensure the prime targets (usually the assault, depending on which assault is in the group. Parnell is the best choice, IMO- purely for these “meta” reasons as well, due to his “burst on demand” ability that he can unleash post dome), and ensure the monster continues to take “extra” damage as the monster flees.

Sunny is above and beyond IMO, the overall strongest support in the game- For a LOT of reasons. There are comps where shes not the best pick, but she definitely slots into MOST of them far more reliably and comfortably than nearly any other support.


That’s a gigantic pavé you did there, respect for that.
I just wish 2K Games (I know I repeat myself) never stopped Evolve’s development, it would have given the team enough time to update the game and change Sunny (as well as adding Mecha Sunny).

Edit: I just noticed, is it really necessary to add a caption in every word of the title? I can tweak it but I don’t dare doing it.


Speaking of Hunters and Stongest, what are the go to perks for Hunters?


When it comes to combos however, Slim/R.Val/P.Parnell+Bucket, Laz+Hyde+Abe+Hank, all kinds of combos that synergies well, they can be devastating. (I did a game with Foxtrot and Stiwy, they had Slim+Bucket, it disgusted me to lose against this comp).


Oooh I like discussing perks. Although I can only speak for myself and the characters I play.

I’m a Trapper and Assault main and even within those classes I don’t play everyone, and outside of those I only really play Tech Sgt. Hank and Paladin Parnell.

As for Trappers, the only two I really play consistently are Crow and Abe. With them you can choose a variety of builds depending on the comp and what you wanna focus on. So sometimes I’d go offensive and take either double poison or triple damage, sometimes defensive with something to help me dodge/roach, like triple Rocket Man or triple Jump Height or double jetpack recharge (sometimes it happens that if the Monster can’t down Medic or Support, it goes after me). When I wanna meme I go for double reload, which can make sense as both Crow and Abe are pretty damaging Trappers so more DPS is good.

With Markov/Blitz, I’ve actually found that double poison amps up the damage pretty noticeably. In the case of Blitz especially, it’s almost as if it makes you “skip a tier” of the lightning beam. As in, when it’s blue you do damage as if it was purple without poison, when it’s purple it’s like you’re at poisonless red and so on. Plus poison is good on the chase when shooting with that accurate as heck assault rifle.

With Hyde and Parnell, I simply go damage/switch/damage nowadays, sometimes with Parnell I’d go double reload for faster Super Soldier recharge or double Capacity for more damage when SS is on.
Lennox, I swear to god I can’t do shit with her without jetpack recharge.
With Torvald and Renegabe I go switch/double reload.

With Tech Hank you really wanna stay out of the dome until someone loses all their shield so I build with that in mind. Either double cooldown to prepare my teammates faster so I can safely stay back, or double reload for the same reason (it also helps with the laser, which is such an amazing anti focus/punish tool, imo the best one in the Support class).

Paladin, I don’t think he’s any effective without double reload, really. His reload times are abysmal, you need that reduction.


Reload/class cd/jetpack

I like MS on some trappers

Ammo capacity used to be one of em but I believe they fixed it increasing reload speed for battery equipment cause tbh it was a little bit OP in that case

Oh and health regen is half decent if you’re stuck with a laz.


Haven’t played evolve in ages so these are from memory:

Damage and poison on Rabe
Capacity and a higher ‘walking’ movement speed on jack that gave you an exploit to move faster while firing
Capacity and damage on kala
Whatever takes my fancy on EMET


Muhahhaahah Monster recon complete… ^.^ jk jk… I had a feeling Poison would be popular.


If memory serves that was actually Jack’s passive, he didn’t slow down whilst performing an action when he was moving.


I love how each of my votes are all pretty much the exact opposite of what everyone else thinks for the most part.

Of course my vote is based on my personal experience both in my use and when vs others.

I also haven’t played in awhile but I know my passive memory on things is good enough!


I believe damn near everyone that voted for Elder Kraken is on console.


Wraith, Emet and EGriff?

I mean I can see why Blitzkov can be good same with bucket not my faves. Emet and Egriff are kinda horrible and Wraith is in a decent place now but never what I’d consider strongest.

Egriff’s smg accuracy is horrible and the stasis lasts like half a second, the tracking is just worse like omg you can barely fill choke points with them and his harpoon does damage but the point is to harpoon ruin a traversal or climb or interrupt an ability then release it.

Emet his healing is bad unless he spams HB then he’s only lackluster and his beacon is pretty bad as well. He brings some damage to the table but he’s not gonna save you when your team gets downed so often. Every match I’ve ever had with him it’s been a question of whether the support and trapper together can carry the EMET to victory. He’s got AoE heals but unless it’s MG or your team is grouping up too much you want high single target heals to keep the focus target alive.


Kelder is hella strong in Stage 2 though. Riskier pick than Goliath because he’s a lot more fragile but if you’re good with combos he dishes out MAD damage, easily the most damaging monster. And his heavy hitters (aside from lightning) are extremely hard to dodge as well. Not to mention he absolutely laughs in the face of deployables (we’ve talked about how cancerous Sunny is, well, he’s the one monster that doesn’t give a flying frick - yes that was a pun - about her drone) thanks to Chain Lightning.

Personally I picked Goliath over him as best monster because Goli is a safer pick. Kelder is that monster that if you’re absolutely on point with your combos and things go your way in the match, roflstomps a lot. But, it’s also a monster that, when he gets punished for a mistake, gets punished HARD because of his low health and that huge head of his, making headshots really easy to achieve. So basically he’s capable to deal big ass damage but also suffer just as much. Very dangerous monster overall.


He didn’t slow down but it still counted as his walking speed so you got an increase that let you constantly stay behind the monster.


I love these discussions


Wait, don’t you wanna stay in front of the monster as Jack?