Who do You All Think is the Strongest in Each Class


Stage 2. Are you only on console? She definitely takes no damage from warp blasting through mines. Abduction she will take damage.


Well I used to only really play on Console. I do on occasion play on PC but that has been a good while.
I thought I remembered reading that her abilities didn’t protect her from the Mines but either they changed that afterwards or it was just Abduction.

On Console Abduction protected you from the Mines too.
Oh well, the more you know.


I got the impression that you were pushing the notion that he only needed teamwork to work, unless I’m just combining everyone’s responses and it’s cluttering my mind.

Still had a positive winrate despite playing mostly pubs.

I have, I learned to play all medics. All except Quira since she was too new before the game got taken away and I got hurt.

That doesn’t mean Bucket is trash. You guys are making it seem that since I played ~50% pubs that Emet is worthless when I’ve faced the newest of monsters and the most skilled of monsters. I’ve been on teams with no coordination and played in community tournaments where coordination is key.

He is good. He isn’t solely team dependent. He can be effective. It may be an uphill battle on a bad team but I’d take a respawn beacon win on a bad team than I would tranqs when I’m the last alive and running for my life.

He has hidden strengths and weaknesses that I don’t the the two of you have explored with him.


Like I said earlier in this thread, just because you have to put in more work with Emet doesn’t mean he’s bad.
Just means he needs to be used differently.
Everyone has their pros and cons.
It’s just a matter of properly using the Pros and avoiding the Cons as much as possible.


I didn’t say that it did I said that soloing with a bucket or carrying with an EMET is a mark against the monster not a point for EMET.

He’s not worthless he’s just bad compared to pretty much any other medic.

You can win matches, you can be effective but a different medic would almost always be more effective unless the monster tunnel visions on to EMET. He’s team dependent and by that I mean your team has to work harder with an EMET than they would with a Val or a PaPa or a Slim. They have to dodge more because his heals are worse than everyone except for Laz.

I’d take more damage done to the monster before downs accumulated because I kept my support alive better through a hard focus over abandoning my team so I could maybe get a respawn beacon off.

His hidden strengths aren’t all that great and his weaknesses are super obvious that’s my problem with him.

When your team has to put in more work to get a similar result it means he’s worse than the other options.

His healing is low and requires heal burst spam.

His beacon has a long CD it gives the monster an idea where you are it has a long channel time and it requires your team to have been downed and gotten a strike.

It’s just he’s more cons than pros


And that, Tiger, is your opinion.


I’m just going to leave it at that since it’s not worth my time to beat a wall.

Plus I have a whole other front to fight since I’m being hatemobbed in an other game.


His healing is low and requires heal burst spam.

His beacon has a long CD it gives the monster an idea where you are it has a long channel time and it requires your team to have been downed and gotten a strike.

These aren’t opinions though


Let’s keep personal issues out of main discussions.

Remember, you don’t have to reply. The best thing to do is move on to the next topic.


They are facts.

However there is reasoning behind them.

Healing requires burst spamming, yes. Slim did too, and the tossing-out-the-buoy was just an extra step. The main crux of this came from Stage 2, since before it was more burst-y and not in-line with Slim. Since his passive healing was subpar they tried to make him more reliant on his HB which I didn’t like either.

He wasn’t the best in S2. Prior in legacy, he was a killing machine. At launch he was doing assault-level damage, but couldn’t heal himself easily. Then they shifted his power away from damage and made it more around his buoys.

As for his beacon, if it had no counterplay then he’d end up like Slim with his spores.

It has power, but the point of it is early game respawns (which were gutted in S2 IIRC) and late-game baiting.

Sure, it lets the monster know where you are but it comes at the cost of him hunting it down over you/the Emet. If he does destroy it, it does buy more dropship time than just if the monster was chasing the last alive.


Emet isn’t all bad with no good.

If someone is downed you can place the Beacon somewhere off to the side that is out of sight but not too far away.

If the Monster wants to try and beat the Heals you are dishing out he is more than welcome to try, and might succeed, but it also depends on who is down.

The Monster would have to make a choice and destroy the Beacon, for whatever reason, or keep trying to kill the downed player to make sure they don’t get back up.

If the beacon is targeted then this gives someone else the chance to go for the revive on the currently downed player.

And yeah, sure Emet’s ability is all about spamming his healburst but really if any decent Monster is doing his job the medic will most certainly be spamming their HBs regardless of whichever medic they choose.

Slim is literally built for spam.
Val has a pretty powerful Healburst and Lazarus can only heal with his Healing Burst.

R Val is like the only real exception to this rule but her HB is completely different from the rest as is Q Caira’s but that’s a different story.

Overall the fact that Emet can safely heal the whole team across a broad area should be reason enough to believe that he has a special place on the team.


Assault damage isn’t gonna help when they can down anyone they target before you get through their armour.

Slims main source of healing is heal burst and his overall heals are good. EMET’s base heals are bad and his heal burst makes his overall heals mediocre.

The monster basically has to ignore the beacon for it to actually trigger. It’s 30 seconds a monster can cross the map in that time.

A couple seconds at most if the monster is actually chasing you and if you’d run earlier he wouldn’t know where you were.

You have 30 seconds to destroy it and kill them or get another down while preventing the rez? If EMET could drop it before you downed the hunter then it would actually be decent but you can’t so it isn’t. The problem with EMET is his heals are lacking so the beacon should pick up the slack but with the way it is it can’t do that because it’s not very good.

The things is asides from Slim and Laz their heal bursts are used as resets after someone gets hit when they shouldn’t not as the only way to get decent heals per second. Slims heals with HB are pretty damn good, Laz has the glove which is counterable but better than the beacon

If I want AoE heals I pick Slim or RVal if I want revives I pick Laz. I don’t pick the one who is jack of all trades master of none.


It shortens the time they have to down, so there is some good behind it. It’s the same case with Laz. Is Laz now the worst hero because he can’t heal his team to keep them up before the monster loses his health?

Emet’s main source of heals is also his burst.

I know. But that’s 30 seconds he’s not chasing your back.

When did I say putting it down while being chased was a good idea?

And by all means, good for you. But don’t smack talk a hunter just because you purposely chose to not learn to play them. That’s the biggest issue I have here.


Nope. Laz is bad but at least when people get downed he has the chance of preventing strikes. Pretty garbage but at least his kit isn’t working against itself.

I think you missed the second bit of that. Even with heal burst his heals are mediocre at best.

Not really. If he was chasing you then he only needs to take a second or two to destroy it. If he wasn’t chasing you he now knows your general area.

I’m not talking smack cause I choose not to learn him I’m talking smack because his heals are objectively shit and his beacon is objectively shit. The only thing he brings to the table is a little extra damage but medics have the lowest damage. So even a medic that deals twice as much damage as the other medics isn’t all that impressive compared to a damage trapper



You obviously aren’t using them effectively if you think they’re bad.

Because it’s not meant to face-tank each and every ability.

No, you’re assuming that the monster was chasing you from the start. That’s not how it works.

If someone dies and you’re on the verge of losing a teamfight he’s suppose to run and place the beacon. This either brings back the dead teammate(s) [which might include those fighting the monster but will inevitably die] or forces the monster off the team to destroy the beacon.

It can also be used to force the monster off a downed hunter that he’s camping. Thus the utility of his buoys comes into play as he can heal from however far away while placing the beacon.

This is the part where I lost all respect for you.

You’re being subjective, not objective.



Well it’s a good thing jetpacks are unlimited and you can just dodge every single ability that the monster tosses out… oh wait. If it was so easy no one would ever pick hank or sunny or any medic or trapper other than damage ones.

I’m assuming that if you’ve made a decent amount of distance and are out of smell range you are better off just running rather than having a giant sign pointing out your general direction.


Tell me how amazing his heals are when he has the lowest heals per second out of any medic that isn’t Laz.

Tell me how amazing a 30-second channel with a 45-second cooldown is when it shows EXACTLY where it is with a giant beam firing off into the sky and a timer letting you know exactly when it starts and exactly how long you have to destroy it and you can only place it down after someone has been downed.

Bye bye.


The Cucklery is strong in this thread…