Who do You All Think is the Strongest in Each Class


Same reason most don’t like Kala it’s just not worth the effort to make them work and it’s not gonna work in a pug.


Funny you say that, I wouldn’t be on the US Emet leaderboards if this were 100% true. Emet does have a bigger effective range than you think.

Yes he needs teamwork, but no, his effectiveness isn’t 100% built on top of it.

Pretty much.

It’s just that with Emet I put in the work to make him work and I’ve done amazing things with and without a coordinated team.

People are just undercutting him in the sense that he doesn’t always need 100% competent teams to win. I’ve carried games with Emet, I’ve also been the losing cause of teams by being Emet.

My all-time highest healing of 72500 healing was done with Emet, in a 3 match arena with a group of friends against a good monster. However like I said I wouldn’t be on the Emet leaderboards if he was 100% built on team coordination.


Two things.

  1. I never said 100% in order to be good.
  2. Leaderboards have always been /time invested, nothing to do with skill.


Betcha you could have put in less work and been better with other medics like Val, slim or caira.

And I’ve soloed monsters with bucket but it’s not the norm and says more about the monster



I object!



Never did get to chime in with my picks. So lets have some fun!

As usual: Long sideways rant incoming. Ill do a TLDR if you want to see my picks at the end. But the body of this will contain explanations for why.


Above and beyond, Parnell- With everyone else fighting for second place at best in my books.

Everything about parnells kit- Is amazing. MOST assaults in this game rely on “something” that requires the monster to fall victim to it. For the markovs it requires the monsters to run into his mines. For hyde its sitting in his gas nade. For Torvald, its being predictable or stationary enough to get hit by his mortars. For lennox, its letting her build up her combo, and keep it there.

etc and etc.

For parnell? None of this is true.

Both his primary AND secondary weapons, really only rely on one thing, and one thing only.

His aim.

As long as you can position yourself to be where you need to be, and can aim- His damage is ridiculous. On the flip side if you cant, hes got some of the worst. Parnell gets a bad wrap largely because people dont understand how to deliver damage with him.

And this is talking about his base damage. Parnell has the nifty capacity to give himself burst on demand with his super soldier goodness. And this is IMO a huge part of what makes parnell so strong “in the meta”.

ive said before- and Ill say again, a huge part of the “meta” in evolve is being able to dish out as much damage as possible once the dome drops and the monster is fleeing. Under perfect circumstances the “goal” of every dome is the same for the hunters- Do the amount of damage necessary to drop the dome before a hunter takes a down.

No matter what comp you pick, this “quota” is the same. So the difference is how much “extra” damage you can do once the dome has dropped.

Parnells super soldier ability along with 2 weapons that only require aim, ensure he can do LOTS of extra damage- Simply pop SS as the dome is about to drop, and unleash the carnage. Markov has his tickle beam (Which is great for sustained damage. over time. but the window here is small- and it doesnt cut it. Weld it? Something), torvald is praying to land a good mortar strike. And basically the same for all the other assaults. But parnell? Just aim and left click. Not only do you fire, swap, and reload faster- Youll run faster too and stick to the monster for a good distance.

Extra damage is what its all about.


Sunny, sunny, and cabbage. And then sunny. With a hint of bucket. But mostly sunny.

Sunnys kit really has it all. Decent damage. Shielded defense. AND a high mobility augmenting repositioning booster.

Heres a fun tip for sunny: Take weapon swap at one of your perks. Sunny swaps things, a LOT. decreasing your swap times gives literal chunks of “on the trigger” time overall across the span of a dome.

Its important to keep in mind sunny has a slow firing burst damage primary. Which is exactly why weapon swap works so good for her. Swap to your nuke quickly, fire it, and swap off awhile its reloading. Toss a drone. Boost someone. Swap back, launch a nuke- swap again. Weapon swap lets you do this, OFTEN, and get out a lot more damage over a dome than youd have done otherwise.

From the “meta” perspective- sunnys jetpack booster helps ensure youll do lots of extra damage post dome as well as youll be able to throw your team on the monster as it flees, usually the assault. And the context of her kit means youll be pretty damn safe DURING the dome too.

This is why i like cabbages in the right comp for support as well. Unload early and often on the monster, get into its health. Once youre towards the “end” of the dome, save that amp. You want to have full amp just as the dome is about to drop- where youll light the monster up- again, ensuring itll take a lot of freeby damage after the dome goes down.

And bucket? Bucket i feel is an under rated support. Buckets “problem” is he has no direct personal means of defending the team, outside of his ability to shield the team twice (which is nothing to scoff at mind you). So he relies HEAVILY on the team understanding how to be defensive without a defensive support.

His power though is, with team work, his mecha recharge can basically reset a fight. ESPECIALLY with a couple select medics. The best two, IMO, are slim- and lazarus. Laz can get off a handfull of heal bursts during mecha recharge. Which lets the normally “slow healing laz”, who has a POWERFUL single burst, to literally bring everyone back to full from nearly dead during it.

Bucket cant ensure the monster takes lots of extra damage, but his fight potential is strong- and he peppers the monster constantly. Another reason laz is powerful here- as the turrets can hit those markers.

Which brings us to:


I already said em-

But Slim, and laz.

Slim is, IMO, the best all around medic. Hes got decent damage, STRONG sustained healing, and his own form of super soldiery goodness. With the right perks hell be kicking out healing bursts constantly, as long as he can aim, keeping everyone amazingly topped off. His potential healing is leaps and bounds above everyone (Fun side note: ever seen slim with mecha recharge up? its hilarious HEALINGBURSTBURSTBURSTBURST).

And laz, ooo where to start on laz. I know laz isnt a favorite- and MOST view him as relatively weak.

But i will always argue with these people.

Do yourself a favor and go check a team known as the DDs- and what they did with laz. Not only would they go toe to toe with the best monsters (And I mean champion winning competitive monsters), theyd win.

With laz.

The problem for laz is he requires everyone to be on the ball. He is high risk- but very high reward. Hes especially strong with some of hte other heroes ive listed, and will list after this- due largely to his markers.

A huge problem for laz is most players are trying to play so safe with him- that they miss one of his biggest advantages. His sniper rifle. Not only does he do serious damage himself (Theres a reason this guys damage was nerfed post stage 2. and even after the nerf, it was very high), those markers REALLY boost what your team can do. Namely with Parnell, who i always advocate- And Abe. who ill get to in a little bit.

The other big problem for laz is people didnt realize that the power of the lazarus device wasnt really GETTING the device off. I mean yes- thats the goal, but its strength is the threat of the device itself. Too often i see lazarus men ignoring everything else and doing everything they can do get that pick up. Often failing.

The trick is to DONT, unless youre 100% sure you can. Because the THREAT that you could, is whats going to hurt the monster. Its important to keep in mind the game was balanced around the idea that hunters WILL go down. So its ok to let it happen. The goal is to PUNISH for that down. And laz ensures you WILL. If the monster doesnt camp the body, you get the pick up- If they do camp the body, bring out the pain. Unload wildly into them with your rifle, and let everyone else do the same. The monster WILL take a lot of damage ensuring that pick up doesnt happen- As long as you do enough, it was in your favor entirely.


Abe, with griffin close on his heels.

Im sure im like a repeating record at this point- But evolve at its core is a damage race. Its all about who can damage the other side, more, faster.

And abe brings the hurt. a lot of it. With controlled fire his shotgun does border line assault levels of damage. It can hit markers left behind from the likes of laz to boot- making him even scarier.

His tracking is some of the best in the game as well once youve got a beat on the monster. Tag em, and theres no guess work. Just follow the tracker and off you go.

And his stasis? Dear lord his stasis. Most hunters seem to misunderstand the power of stasis.

Yes a harppon is an amazing clutch CC tool that can negate entire abilities.

But stasis? This destroys monsters when hunters utilize its strengths properly.

The boon of stasis is that with most monsters it basically negates ALL of their melee damage. Statistically speaking, melee damage is one of the monsters LARGEST sources of overall damage. Accounting for half or more on average. Those little light attacks, and heavys, add up- fast.

Unless youre being hit with stasis. You wont be able to keep up to do melee attacks. Not only will you struggle to deal melee damage, youll struggle to keep up in the first place against hunters who kite you around terrain- Which can make getting LoS to even hit abilities impossible in its own right. Ever seen a goliath playing ring around the rosie try to use rock or flame breath? Theres no point. This also means the assault is going to stick to you like flies on the homeless, and bring out the hurt.

Griffin is IMO a close second. His damage is amazingly high, and he can do it from considerable ranges on top of that. A good harpoon though, again as mentioned before- Can put abilities completely on cooldown with having done no damage. Theres also strong “meta” impact here by being able to hard-stop the monster and make them take more post dome damage.

A nod to crow, who has many of these qualities (Damage, range, stasis, etc). My complaint is that while his stasis rifle is strong, the duration means youll be swapping often to ensure the monster stays under stasis. Abes nades last a LONG time, so he can stay on the damage for longer. Sure the monster can “flee” the stasis zones, but they cover such a lagre area its really not a problem. Throw one where the action is (which basically has to happen now in stage 2 because of the mechanic shifts), and unleash the carnage.

And theres my list.


Assault, Parnell

Support, Sunny, Cabbages. Bucket with Laz.

Medic, Slim, Laz.

Trapper: Abe, then griffin in second place with crow nipping at his heels.

(Ill better proof read this later- Im in a hurry to get out of here haha). Cheers.


There’s a reason I put electro Griffin in my top spot. Quick switch and reload speed mean you’re getting the best of both worlds between Abe and Griffin, imo. Both Griffin’s get played as if they should be hanging on to get the clutch snag on a leap smash, yet I always felt he was at his best when he was being constantly repositioning behind the monster and making him have to stop, turn and melee every few seconds.


Not really a fan of Parnell tbh and I think you’re missing a big benefit of Torvald his mortar when used properly can force a monster to burn a traversal or take a ton of damage. If you communicate well with your team or know which way they’ll run you can give them a short breather while still having some pretty amazing damage with his shotgun.

Agreed 100%. I like cabbage to but I never played in premades so I never really trusted my team to work without a defensive support.

Love me some abe though it really depends on which monster I was playing against. If I knew it was gonna be a goliath 100% every time griffin. Wraith? Probably Abe since harpoon doesn’t seem to work that well against WB or Abduct.


Not missing it- in fact I’ve stated this as a huge strength of torvalds many time in the past.

A huge part of the combat in Evolve is around resource management. Making the monster use abilities when it doesnt want to, or making them non effective- or making hunters use their abilities when they don’t want to.

I like torvald. A lot. I think he’s very strong. All said and done a monster will HAVE to focus someone- and will get a face full of mortars doing it if the torvald is on his game and committing those mortars at the appropriate times.

Plus the shrapnel nade is a huge boon- especially in laz bucket comps with Abe on trapper. Markers for days with everyone blasting them non stop.

Very powerful in dome fight potential.

Parnell is simply my pick for “strongest”. The other assaults all have their merits too- Hyde and Markov for example are the Kong’s of consistency. I’d argue their potential isn’t as high as either Parnell or torvald for that matter, however markovs inability to miss his lightning gun and hydes ease of use in his glam ethrow ensure they’re probably so good consistent damage even under bad circumstances or with lesser skilled players. There’s undeniable in some utility with their auxiliaries as well.

All said and done I don’t really think any of the assaults are bad. Lennox for example is my preferred assault to play personally

I just feel Parnell has the edge from a meta perspective- as long as the player can position and aim that is. His post some chase is largely what gives him the edge in my book though. I hold a lot of emphasis on the importance of that extra damage.

This is where I got spoiled honestly.

A good chunk of my ending days in evolve were spent with premades- in particular I was very fortunate in getting to spend a lot of time with the competitive players and got to scrim with them.

It definitely changed and reformed my opinion on a lot of things. In particular playing with the DDs and getting to join in on games against source, fresh, Aurora, and @deanimate - you learn real quick with and against these guys. The pressure is nuts.


Thanks sideways. I had only just finished recovering from the coma that your last essay put me in and now I feel myself slipping right back innnnnnnnnnnn.,nnnnnnnnnn./,mc,.////////////////////nlnkllllllllll,…


Just doing my duty my friend o7


I guess I just think there is more benefit in forcing a monster to disengage vs Parnells possibly higher damage and better chase damage.


I would say that I personally find Blitzkov and Parnell on par with each other in potential damage.
Just depends on the monster and hunter players really.

A Parnell will suck ass trying to fight a Wraith that knows how to move simply because most of her body is limbs and her torso and head are tiny as all get out. Wraith is also strong vs a Torvald depending on the area being fought in since the Wraith can literally warp in any direction and be out of the way.

Tho a Wraith vs a Blitzkov and suddenly it’s different. At least in Stage 2 anyway…
Wraith can’t Warpblast/Abduct thru the mines anymore on Stage 2 without taking damage sadly. So the Wraith has to waste a Decoy on a Mine in order to get rid of it or be very careful at Stage 3 and melee the mine just outside of the blast radius but in a firefight good luck with that.

Blitzkov with increased Capacity is scary as hell and if the Blitzkov and keep a decent eye on the wraith that damage will stack in a gross fashion.

Also Blitzkov is the best Assault on Defend but ya know that’s Legacy stuff lol

I do use Parnell a lot when playing as Assault on Hunt and I’m playing with randoms.
He’s got the best chase game out of all the other Assaults simply because he can shoot and sprint at the same time and then mix that with super soldier and you can keep up with the monster if you’re good enough (until you run out of fuel but whatever…).

Again Tiger, there are pros and cons to everything and no Hunter Comp is impervious to failure vs all Monsters and all the players that use them.
Fuck ups happen on both ends on a regular basis and it’s just up to the opposing team to fuck up less and take advantage of their enemy’s screw up.

It’s like Dark Souls…
Two really good players on even grounds in terms of skill.
The victor shall be determined then by the weapon being used and honestly whoever makes the first mistake that gets punished.

Pros and cons… pros and cons…


I believe her only ability that can clear mines with no damage is warp blast (ok, phantom as well but that’s a bit different). Played a game yesterday and a few times I smashed through 3 mines at once with warp blast. Zero damage to me.


Oof. What kind of Markov player places all 3 mines so close together tho.


my favourite kind >:D


Actually i feel kinda like you in this case. QCaira has really amazing healing, damage, and the extra defensive capabilities as her support skill. So long as either your teammates stick inside the healing bubbles or you as QCaira position the bubbles correctly [the final buff on her doubled? (Number may not be correct) her quantum healing grenade size] you’ll get maximum healing out of her at most times. She falls off slightly when teammates who need healing split up but as someone who was used to pubbing her i would say she’s deserving of a top 3 spot. I would still put her under EMET, as thanks to you I’ve gotten a real taste of what he’s capable of, but she’s incredibly strong and works successfully with every comp.

Also until i scrolled down past the poll i thought OP meant actually strongest, not best in game but rather “who would win in a fight hypothetically within their own class” so my votes don’t match my opinions on the topic :sweat_smile:

Doing that is a good way to get overtaken by a monster trying to damage you or your teammates. They got her down and up times perfect on her grenade launcher. You should either take reload speed (lowering dr field cd) or leadership. If you take double leadership, her cooldown is equal to the dr field, meaning you can nearly constantly juggle which one is on endlessly, and if you’re in a severe spot you can double up for dr + quantum healing field. Your teammates will have to dodge, roach or otherwise figure out a good way to live if you burn both, but in a tight spot you render your entire team immortal for about 6 seconds.

Whereas capacity adds maybe 2 seconds to the dr field, and knocks your damage/heal out of whack since 3 switch 3 is completely perfect on timing for reloads. To me the extra fire grenade will force you to lose time you could’ve switched and started healing. Maybe 4 heal switch 3 damage switch repeat?


Are we talking Legacy or Stage 2?

Last I heard the Wraith would be injured from using an Ability like Warpblast or Abduction thru them on Stage 2.

On Legacy the Wraith is immune to the mines so long as she flies right thru them with either ability.

But yeah Decoy/Phantom are good alternatives and like I said a Stage 3 Wraith can safely (if done carefully) destroy them via melee.


Aww, thank you!