Who do I have to talk to to get official clips for a video?


I’m Taking a few multimedia classes this semester-mainly advanced digital editing, animation 152-and I have a project coming up for the digital editing class. The assignment is a trailer to any movie, TV show,video game, sports event, music video and so on. The requirements are to mash up clips and add compelling music to capture the attention of the audience. The Challenge is for it to be completely 100% original using raw/unedited footage, accrediting the appropriate people/companies and there was more i cant remember at the top of my head.

I know this could be a long shot for a lot of reasons, but I figured, the best way for me to get the best grade on this project is to make and work with something I’m passionate about. So why not Evolve? I am so invested in this game with over 2500 hours, I’ve competed in community tournys, participated in streams,I’ve played this game since launch, and I’ve seen all the trailers and videos that come with the game, so making the project original would be no problem. The thing is, I don’t wanna do this without permission from the company(s). I am aware that TRS makes the game and does everything that we have, and 2K is involved with marketing? so who would I go to to get both permission and the raw clips from?


Clips can be found both in-game and on youtube, so you can record on your system and play a clip, or simply download from youtube. Don’t know where else they’d be, though.

As for permissions, as long as you’re not trying to make money or submit it under your own name in a legitimate competition, all that you’re required to do is give credit and cite sources.