Who are You?


With a capital Y, sir. Or sirette.

We know each other, yes, but we don’t really seem keen to go into details. I was highly curious about some forum members, and if you are as well, I suggest inviting them over to talk about themselves.

You don’t have to post personal details if you don’t want to. You don’t have to post pictures of yourself. Do not feel obligated to post here if your name is called.

Most importantly, you have no right to abuse of anything you learn here, about -anyone-.

I’ll break the ice, okay?


Who am I?

My Actual Name: Karo. Karo Pelletier-- weird name amirite? That’s because–

Nationality: French Canadian. But I was raised very close to Ottawa, so I picked up English very fast, and I actually find it easier to express myself in it rather than my mother language.

Age: 21, born on February 13th.

Gender: As far as I’m concerned, Female. Some of you may know I don’t really associate with genders though. I think I’ve mentioned that a few times, without going into details. That’s why–

Small Bio:

I was always the odd kid. Before I even started school, even. I didn’t like barbies. I liked dinosaurs! And I played video games! I’m pretty sure Megaman was my favourite series for a while, but then I got introduced to things like Demon’s Crest ( SNES ), E.V.O. ( SNES also, can you FEEL the hindsight?! ), and other games in which the protagonist was not as familiar as Mario or Link. That’s right-- they were monsters.

And boy did I love monsters. Even my favourite animals were odd, for a little girl. Snakes, bats, rats and ravens, look, you name it! And as far as I remember, I didn’t -look- odd, so it always came as a surprise when people learned this stuff about me. I digress.

( Pictured: Me, dinosaur lover. )

Videogames were a large part of my life, and even though I had no idea what I wanted to do for a while, in Highschool, I had an epiphany. I wanted to make monsters. For games. That’s why I enrolled in a Cégep, which is a fancy French equivalent to College. There, I went to study 2D/3D animation as well as 3D modelling, along with other traditional artsy stuff. Yeah, I’ve always been drawing, for as long as I remember. Not that I’m exceedingly good at it, it was really a hobby more than anything. I didn’t really like showing my stuff to people, but that kind of changed when I studied in Matane ( city in which I attended Cégep ). Matane is a whopping 12 hour road trip from my home. This was the first time I got disconnected from my friends ( which, well, already kind of felt disconnected by that point, so I guess it wasn’t too bad ). Learned a lot of stuff. Learned to socialise, learned to like myself a bit more-- even though I never finished those studies, I have to say this was hands down my best life experience ever.

( Pictured: Me, annoying the fresh meat on their first Cégep day by being a team rocket grunt and throwing flour at them. Yes, their initiation involved Pokémon. )

And not because it was nice and happy. On the contrary. That’s around the time we found out I had mental issues. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though. I learned that I couldn’t get into any sort of physical relationship-- that was the first step of me figuring out I can’t do the gender thing. Barely holding hands made me feel physically ill. To this day, I’m not too sure why either! But it doesn’t make me sad.

We also learned I had depression. That didn’t develop itself in Cégep, mind you, I just hadn’t noticed before. Crazy how this thing just seeps into you without a sting! I was told it was a chemical imbalance. For a while, I was medicated, but recently I found out that medication numbs my creative side, and although it removes the lows, it also removes the highs of my life.

I made the decision to stop about a month ago, and I have to say, I’ve never been happier. Who knows-- maybe this affliction left me quietly the same way it entered my head? I guess we’ll know later.

Either way. I came back home permanently after mulling it over. But my parents’ place wasn’t for me anymore. That’s why I currently reside with my brother, in our own home, with two housemates. That was probably one of the best decisions I had made in my entire life! I can have pets my mother never allowed me to have before! Mr. Tesla ( Pet Snake ) was the first pet I got once I achieved my independence, and Voodoo ( Pet Ferret ) came about a year and a half later. I love them both so much, but I keep them unaware of each other’s existence-- trust me, it’s better for both of them.

It wasn’t long after I came back from Cégep that our family already had plans for something… big. We wanted to start our own little shop. And we figured what it’d sell pretty quickly-- Microbrewery beers and local fine foods. That opened up about three months ago. Have a picture! You can find me in the middle of the crowd. Not very hard to miss, my hair is like a freakin’ beacon of light.


I think this pretty much covers my life story. For now.

Any questions? No?

Well then. I’d like to see @SlinkyGuy and @MaddCow answer my question. Who are you?


Who am I? (community group therapy lol)
Let's share our childhood photos :D
Who am I? (community group therapy lol)

Hmmm… I do like to keep a little bit of mystery. That being said, I will list everything that I’ve posted around here and/or my YT channels.

I’m a family man. Been married now for 6 great years. I have a son named Aiden who loved to watch me play Evolve while sitting on my lap. He turns 2 in Jan. My Wife’s name is Christina. I converted her over to the ‘nerd’ side and loves to game with me. Both video games as well as cards/boardgames. The first video game she ever played that lead to her conversion was Guitar Hero. We think that she might be pregnant which is a great thing. I come from a big family, 7 kids. I’m the Ender of the family for being the 3rd child to an older brother and sister.

I’ve wanted kids my whole life. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to be a husband and father. I even picked out my first boy and girl name in the early 2000s. Aiden would be my first son’s name and Layoni will be my first daughter’s name. After my wife got pregnant the first time, I decided that I wanted a boy first and then the rest daughters so he could help me look after them. My first name is Zaq. Yes, it is spelled that way. I currently work for Google Fiber in Provo UT. I’ve been a gamer ever since I was a kid.

I might add more to this down the road, but I would like to save some things for my milestone videos as well as keep a bit of mystery. That being said, I have longer hair that I grow out for locks of love and then donate it. One time before cutting it, my mom wanted me to help her with a Sunday School lesson so I got to dress up as Jesus.

Mind the messy apartment :stuck_out_tongue:

And this is with my mom.

And here is a picture from our wedding day. We got Hawaiian leis as I lived in NZ for a couple years and the Polynesian culture really affected me in a good way.



That game was such a classic. It took me a while to figure out how to become ‘human’. I still think that the flying super meat you find in the thunderstorm clouds was the strongest evolution. Flying charge was too strong for the final boss :slight_smile:



Nice beard though bro.



You mean the orb that turns you into a sheng long-looking monster? Damn straight!

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Y’know, I think I’ll let everything about me a mystery except for two things:

A) There’s only four pictures of me on the internet.
B) I sometimes wear a trench coat that’s made out of kevlar and impact foam .

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I didn’t like the human. He had good damage, but he just died way too fast. I really liked the bird because you could fly :slight_smile: I hope another game like this comes out again. The closest would be spore… I guess. But not the same.

Thanks. I actually don’t like having a beard. I just hate shaving. Electric/Manual Wet/Dry everything just wrecks my face. So I have had a beard for almost the last decade. I debate about saving up to have it lasered so I can’t grow hair there and never have to worry about it, but laser surgery in general I’m not 100% sold out on. Also, it adds years to my face. I have SUCH a baby face without it :stuck_out_tongue:



Interesting trivia! It’s fine if you want to limit stuff to little tid-bits like this, it’s always nice to know people’s quirks.

Yes, I consider wearing a kevlar trench coat to be a quirk. :'D



I have the same problem…I would grow a beard, if not for grooming standards in my profession. I have the same baby face problem. I’ll be carded at bars until the day I die, I swear.



Ironically enough, all the clubs and bars I went to I was never carded once. Although, I don’t drink either so there was never an issue there, but getting in never carded me. Odd.



I think it depends on where you live, and what bars you go to. Go to a bar near a university campus, and all gloves come off.



It still has the problem of hardly being sufficient. Ballistic plates are seven times as effective, but hell, try running in that. Weights like a goddamn army-class body armor ( i.e. good twelve kilograms).

And it is a quirk. Expensive one.



Who am I?

My Actual Name: Thomas Henry Ward III. . .okay the “III” is made up but it makes my name sound cooler!

Nationality: British, United Kingdom, in some unknown place called “Herefordshire”

Age: Just turned 24 on the 25th of December

Gender: Male, although sometimes I’m just a little bit on the feminine side also!

Small Bio: Lived in a small town called “Ross-on-Wye” most of my life, it’s sort of like the town from Hot Fuzz so sometimes I do wonder whether there’s some kind of “NWA” cult that hangs around in the town!

I currently reside in an apartment with my pap, my parents separated when I was at a young age but they’re still both on good terms with each other and I usually go and see my mum most of the time too!

Also a huge cat lover too, currently have a Tabby Cat called “Shaggy” who I swear finds a different place to sleep every single day:


Trying to go to sleep on my work there. Gooood, goooooood!

Plus I can easily walk to work where I live too. I work at a hotel, mainly in the restaurant side of things as head waiter, so get to meet a lot of interesting people when I work.

As for education side of things, I wasn’t really that much of a smart person during primary school and secondary school, I also didn’t manage to have a lot of friends since I was pretty bad at socialising with others which as it turns out, was me having a case of mild Aspergers, which at the time, sucked pretty bad for me.

That is until I went to college and I finally started to get used to my condition and actually manage to make a lot of friends there. I was in college for about four years, studying different topics like I.C.T, Music & Media and Catering & Hospitality. The last one I found was something which would be pretty good for myself, which is why I now work in a Hotel.

Aside from all that, I just like to catch up with my friends from time to time, hang out and play videogames mostly. I got into them when I saw Spyro for the first time on PS1 and was amazed by the game, so I had a PS1 and a copy of Spyro for my birthday and have been hooked on videogames ever since, on many different platforms!

Oh and I also love beer! :beer:


Now I’d like to tag @Alex_Versnel and @SledgePainter in this one! :smile:



I can tell you from personal experience, body armor is damn heavy. Wearing any more than two plates would be madness.



Happy belated birthday! That makes you slightly younger than me.

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Depends on scaling, type and size.

As said, you can’t run in it, but it doesn’t really matter when there isn’t a real way to harm you.



Well, first name Brandan as anyone who has added me on the PSN could probably guess (Brandan92 lol). Never really grew up in a single place due to being an army brat, which turned into both a blessing and a curse. I loved traveling around and seeing the country. I’ve been to most of the 48 states excluding most of New England and the northern mid west states. But at the same time, this limited my ability to have those childhood sweethearts (3 come to mind, but one crushed on me HARD. She was one of my mom’s best friend’s daughter and even though we only ever spent a single day together around middle school age, she had a massive crush on me until late highschool. First girl to call me sexy :blush: ) However, I have no regrets because I wouldn’t be with my wonderful girlfriend right now otherwise. I’ve been a games since before I could remember. I loved Super Mario World (even though I was terrible at it) and my interest slowly switched from Nintendo to Sony, though I still value Nintendo for what they are. I currently work at a shipping store and I’m working on my Instrument and Commercial ratings for my pilots license.



That’s funny to see some faces and learn about you ^^ But I’m a little shy, I won’t reveal more about me than I already did…

(By the way… pelletier…? Funny, I used to know someone called Pelletier too ! French people…)



Until they shoot you in the face.



Thats why you learn to catch bullets with your teeth :slight_smile: