Who are the real monsters?


A friend and I just started talking about the real threat to planet shear was it mankind’s meddling or was it the arrival of the monsters? I was torn between the two I could find pros and cons for both sides. So my question to you is Who are the real monsters on shear? The “Monsters” or the hunters and their colonization of planet shear.


The Mammoth birds


Both in my opinion. I strongly believe if the hunters never arrived that the Mammoth Birds would have killed off the monsters.

Shear Defends Itself.




Maybe Shear is just Earth in the future.

There’s just no ‘Oh my God, you fools. You blew it up. God damn you.’ scene.


Caira is from Earth. :wink:



Hyde’s the real monster.

An’ ‘ees fuckin luvin’ it.


You win the forum! All. Of. It.


Torvald, Torvald is the real monster.


If humans had never come to Shear, neither would Monsters.

Titan's Theory: Biomass and the Monster Lore
Theory: Monsters and the Patterson Tech

…With one off-hand comment you rewrote my entire understanding of the Monsters.

Way to go dude.


My theory is more and more plausible each time you say something lore wise :smiley:


Maggie: We’re the monsters. WE’RE THE MONSTERS!


Also! Hyde to monster
“Not much difference between us two, 'cept you’ll be dead soon.”
Errbody monsters!



So evolve is basically the sequel to prometheus? :smile: Caira probably gave birth to Goliath. Those hips don’t lie.


Dear lord, somebody hold me, I’m scared.


Wrong idea. Let Lagger solve the problem once and for all.

Brings out a flamethrower.


Maybe the planet are for Goliaths And Behimonts.

Kraken are for other planet study the wildlife of Shear.

Wraith is like Predator, go shear and find so many thropies!


I heard somewhere. a theory that said that the monsters are Shear’s defense mechanism against humans, and this just reminded me of it.