Who are the admins of the forum and where can I find one?


As the topic title please. Thank guys :slight_smile:


As I recall there is a list here.

I know of Jedi_Warrior, Mad Cow, Niacurshi (I think that’s the spelling) The Mountain that Roars and Bot. You can get them by putting this symbol in front of the name, like this.


I used Bot because his name was simplest. I apologize for the intrusion, Bot.

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You don’t need to answer but may I ask why :thinking:

The only people I know who ask the Mods themselves are people who want to delete their account. I’m sure this isn’t the case though

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You can use the flag system and moderators will be alerted to problems. You can flag and send a specific message which’ll send a message to moderators with your concerns included. That’s the best way to contact a moderator :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, I am not a moderator. Myself and other leaders have certain moderator powers but we can’t deal with complaints. That’s for moderators to do, they have the power to do much more than the closing of threads and moving of posts that Leaders can. Flagged posts alert moderators, not leaders.