Who am I? (community group therapy lol)


Ok… soooo… I’ve been taking part in more than a few of the “toxic” community type posts the last few days. Along the way I met some well reasoned thinkers and some that might need to do a little mediation… ohm… ohm…

Anyway, it occured to me that if we knew even a little more about each other, it might make for some more civil convos (a guy can dream right?). As such, I am starting a thread… if ya don’t give a shit, cool… if so, please do play along.

I’ll go first.

Actual Name; Dave
Country; Canada
Age; Ancient (I am 49 on Mar 02)
Family; Married to a great woman (that let’s me play games at my age), two kids… Son that is 12 and daughter 14 (eek).

IRL; I run a web design and marketing firm, and have since 1998. I also run a school/community in the internet marketing industry (yup, I also do community building for my clients… make a little sense now? hehe). Before the interwebs, I ran an offline marketing firm.

Hobbies; I studied martial arts for 26 yrs, taught for 9. I have also been playing guitar for 35yrs or so… And well… my other hobby is OBVIOUSLY gaming. Duh.

And there we have it… who else wants to play? Looking at you @MaddCow @MAMEiac @taskforcem85 @EyeOfCharon @SuperL0rtie @leyba @mortalbound to name a few folks to throw down on the thread…


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Actually an older thread for this (worth reviving) that some other people you mentioned and I have already contributed our info to:

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Agreed that there was a post just like this. I posted a few things there including some pictures of me :stuck_out_tongue:


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