While texting, I need to spam Backspace to erase my text


Is this just me, or not?
Because simply, it is quite annoying.


Texting like in game?




This predates Stage 2. It happened a long while ago, it’s been like that ever since. It is annoying, yes.

Here’s a tip- click the Esc key twice as fast as you can. The first one cancels text and brings up the pause menu, the second gets the menu down. You can do it in a quarter of a second. [quote=“Parham, post:2, topic:89543”]
Texting like in game?

He means in game, I am quite certain.


Yes, in-game chatting.


Try out the double escape key trick, it takes a little while to get used to but once you are, I can almost guarantee that you would prefer it to even a fast rate of backspacing.


Yeah, that frustrates me sometimes as well. I try not to type when possible, but it must be annoying for those who don’t use microphones.

Also the voice icon has always been delayed and a bit buggy. Most of the elements of the game are smooth and polished feeling, but the jitteryness of the icon for mics has always stood out as an oddity.


I am now a bit used to it and think it is better!
Though, it should be improved. If you didn’t tell me, perhaps I would never know this by now.


Btw i got another question about ingame chat now, i’ve seen all-talk chats from monsters pov lately, but didnt find that key for all-talk chat as a hunter or a keybind for it.

So how can you all-talk chat ?


Type /all Before the message.


Yeah, like Xplosion said, type /all before the message and it goes to all chat. It’s pretty sweet.

It would be nice if you could go Enter > Shift and it shifts between Team and All chat.