Which voicing do you like the most?


Hey there simple discussion question. Wich voice or quote of the characters do you like the most? For me it’s definitely Hank’s voice and his “Time to get heavy!” (probably my new sms notification sound).

One more request to the devs. Could you please upload the voicing of the characters on the youtube or anywhere else? That would make me so happy :blush: please please please


No VO can beat Bucket :smile:


Screw the shield gun! Time to cutter up!


I like the 3rd Monster’s sounds the best tbh.


Cabot, badass all-around, i got a trailer to prove so xD


You just reminded me of when I was playing Bucket and he said something like “Oh look! A megamouth! If we had 1024 we could have a gigamouth!” I laughed so hard back then :laughing:


I think the Monster’s won that round :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t see any monster on the ship during his talk to the hunters :wink:


Thats because he was in sneak mode, and just that much better than the Hunters!


Everyone knows you die AFTER the hero speech :smiley:


Ill see to it that the monster does that.


CAIRA VO is the Smartest and Sexiest <3<3<3<3 just right next to Bucket


I seem to recall one time where Bucket noticed an elite wildlife and said something along the lines of “An elite creature! Let’s kill it. . .” in an evil voice, which made me laugh. Either that and “There it is! YAY!”, consarn it I love ALL his lines! xD


Bucket reminds me of the AI from Defense Grid 1 & 2. Now I want Bucket to start enjoying Rasberries!


Raspy voice with a long dirty beard to go along with it. Gotta go with Hank.


Bucket has the most funny lines! Even when he is incaped he makes me laugh because the style how he fires his gun is just tremendous! But still with Hank I feel more like a badass :feelsgood: and I can even feel goose nips all over my body when he says “Want the big guns? You got it!”


I love bucket all around,but my favorite quote so far is MARKOVS(DUH :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) “she smells like old man farting, after much cheese
actually no,I can’t pick a favorite,I also love how buckets voice distorts at times,and I’d really like to hear it better.
and it maybe a simple one,but “Bring on the fucking pain” said by Hyde really made me grind my teeth and squeeze that left mouse button HARD


You know, markov actually says that, he also calls griffin’s face old man balls.


I posted this in another topic before, but my favourite quote was from Bucket. He was suggesting that if any of the Hunters were feeling suicidical, they should feed themselves to the Tyrant. Can’t remember exactly how it goes now :bucket_salute:


Val, Hank, Bucket, Markov, Caira, Hyde, and Griffin.
I personally relate to more Caira and Val. I can be nerdy(Caira) but I can be to the point(Val).

Isn’t Val’s voice actress also Jack from ME?? Sounds like her!

Who I met at ME3 release and oddly looks a tiny bit like myself…