Which Version do you Play?

  • Legacy
  • Stage 2

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Just interested to see what people prefer to play these days.


I’ll switch to Legacy after the servers goes down. I’m not giving up on the game.


I never really liked many of the Stage 2 changes. Took a lot of the teamwork out of capturing and killing the monster. And actually hunting the monster got annoyingly easy, between the smaller maps and the planet scanner thing.

Overall wasn’t a fan, so it’s Legacy for me.


Honestly, I play both depending on my platform. Best of both worlds! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oddly enough the player base on Stage 2 spiked to over 600 for no reason whatsoever, (Thursday evening) so I’m on Stage 2 for the time being.


its going to end in september :frowning:


Now you should post a poll with timezones and avg times ^.^


with that spike and a deserted Legacy atm, i am currently running stage 2 (just reinstalled)


That’s strange though, what brought people to play? A tournament we haven’t heard of, maybe?


Some people just want to play these fluctuations are normal imo.

I’ve been WAY too busy to play lately, I’m tempted to fire up a set for a short time.


Well it is summer, so this may be their last chance to Play Evolve Stage 2. The influx is like ‘Last Run’ hype. Last year though, like @Chickenprotector said, the numbers go up… Last year I had screenshots of the user base hitting 900 an hour…

edit :: I just thought of this… the two games I have, have had Gromps eating hunters…lol


Apparently Steam removed Evolve from the store, and also put it back into people’s libraries who owned or played Legacy. I’ve gotten reports though that even people who never played the game got it in their libraries…even in their Favorites list when the reserved that list for already installed games only. Many people are trying the game for the first time because of this, and some are returning to it since it suddenly appeared for them in their libraries and decided to load it up.


Sorry if unrelated, but if I buy founders Evolve key at g2a and activate it only in september will I have t4 and 5 hunters or I need to buy/grind for them now ?(Before in-game store is gone).Don’t want to reinstall several times to check especially since legacy is 60 gb