Which Trapper is best against Gorgon?


Wich trapper is best against gorgon

  • Maggie
  • Mad Mags
  • Griffin
  • Abe
  • Crow
  • Jack

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Griffin can put that poor think on a leash the whole game!


I’d say Griffin as well. Properly timed you can deny all wallpounces and Mimics.
The Maggies suffer from their traps being destroyed by Acid, stasis is not that effective as she does not really rely on melee attacks that much. The repulsor is usefull against Mimics as well, so I would put Jack in second place.


if i play gorgon ( ok i only play gorgon ) i really hate to play againt Abe and Bald Maggie :stuck_out_tongue: the harpoon trap and stasis are very annoying as gorgon


Griffin will be useful if the rest of the team can keep him alive, otherwise he’ll be pretty much useless. Abe can be annoying, but not much of a hassle to be honest. Crow is negligible. The two Maggies can be annoying, but a good Gorgon will spray acid on those traps before they even trigger.

Your best bet in here is Jack. The only one better than him would be his release version, since it’s more reliable and less prone to trickery.


I can see jack only being good when mimic is used


Gorgon’s traversal has a slow build up. With good timing, you can pretty much make her waste traversals.


I actually like Abe against Gorgon. She already moves at a snail’s pace, so she’s nearly motionless in the stasis field, which allows the team to annihilate her health. Also, the constant AOE stasis works wonders on the spider trap, nullifying an extremely important part of her kit.


Gorgon can just spit acid in ya face while you are stopping it with your ability :frowning:


Poons for days


Miley knows how to keep them from getting triggered.


I play Gorgon alot and I spray acid in obvious spots where a descent maggie would put harpoons and if I hear it get placed I just look for Maggie, not to mention she has two deployable killing abilities.