Which Trapper Has The Best CC?


Which trapper do you think has the best ability to slow or stop the monster in it’s tracks.

  1. Maggie’s Harpoon Traps

  2. Griffin’s Harpoon Gun

  3. Abe’s Stasis Grenade

  4. Crow’s Stasis Gun

  5. Jack’s repulsor

Tell me what you think about this and what you like about them and/or don’t like. Also, did anyone else notice that Maggie and Griffin are very similar with their ability, along with Abe and Crow? Maggie’s Harpoon Traps are deployables and Abe’s Stasis Grenades. Griffin and Crow just have guns of the same ability. Anyway, Comment, Like, and Share. And feel free to make a poll in the comments, I still haven’t figured how to make one yet. Welp, that’ all and happy hunting!:grinning:

  • harpoon traps
  • harpoon gun
  • stasis nades
  • stasis gun
  • repulsors

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you can do it like this:


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Yea It makes you wonder if a T6 trapper would have a different style of “repulsor” and what it would do


Against goliaths a good Jack will be best

Against kraken it’s now Griffin

Against Wraith I’d say Jack though it’s close between a bunch of them

Against behemoth I’d say Maggie

Against gorgon, Griffin.


He doesn’t stop Gorgon from moving any direction anymore. I’d say it’s jack. The big melee radius really hurts harpoons. Plus jack can tap gorgon and she will fall, just like goli


I’d prefer a new type of CC (though that might be a big ask. I can’t even think up any ideas myself).

I don’t really like this question. Stasis is not meant to immobilise, but only to slow. Therefore automatically it is out. Harpoons and repulse are designed to immobilise, with Harpoon traps being able to immobilise to a higher degree due to the way they are designed (3 traps, allowing you to lockdown from multiple angles to achieve 0 movement).

If the question is actually “Which Trapper has the best CC”, then I would say Maggie, because with proper harpoon placement, you can really do a number on the monster. You can reduce mitigation (especially around loops), use it as a tool for detection, save yourself or a team mate, etc.

Goliath - Maggie >= Jack > Griffin > Abe/Crow
Wraith - Jack/Abe > Crow > Maggie > Griffin
Kraken - Griffin > Abe/Crow > Maggie/Jack
Behemoth - Jack > Abe/Crow > Griffin > Maggie
Gorgon - Abe > Maggie > Jack > Griffin/Crow


A question for you monster players:

How does CC ‘feel’ for you? I know that good harpoon or repulsor beam can be quite a nuisance, but how does say, stasis feel to you in combat? Is it a noticeable slow and do you need to put more effort in sticking to a target, or can you pretty much ignore it?


Kraken’s best counter tends to be Abe. The Stasis grenades make a literal no-fly zone for him, as they pull him right out of the air. I think a charged shot from Crow does the same, but it’s a little different.

Overall, Jack is a good pick, and tends to be a “Jack” of all trades. (that joke gave me cancer just proofreading my post and I am ashamed of it)

Maggie works well, too, but she requires a bit more skill to utilize to her fullest extent.

None of the other Trappers have direct immobilization.

For me, as a Monster, Harpoons tend to be easier to deal with than the Repulsor. You can break them, but Jack can stand a huge distance away and use his CC on the move. Makes me feel helpless when I can’t do anything but move away from my focus. Made worse with reload speed and Sunny.


I can feel stasis as all monsters (can’t comment on behemoth since i rarely play him). On Kraken and Goli I feel it. On a wraith it is murder. It’s very effective. Same with Gorgon. Especially if you keep getting stasis’d and have no more traversals.

In-combat, as a Goliath it’s bareable. You can work around Stasis, but you don’t want to stay too long in it. You want to preserve your stamina as much as possible otherwise you’re screwed. Kraken won’t hurt with the stamina, but will be brought lower and take more punishment from assault. Gotta try and make it harder to get hit by Crow stasis, or stay away from Abe’s.

Wraith and Gorgon suffer a lot. With wraith the best thing is probably to fight from the air more to avoid the stasis. SN is useless against a stasis Trapper comp. With Gorgon I find it harder to do that.


For me stasis is actually worse than immobilization when the hunters know what they are doing with using terrain, especially if they have movement speed. You lose a lot of the fine control and persistence with stasis, so focusing becomes much harder and much more out of your control. Saying this as someone that plays mostly goliath or behemoth when monster.


“Reverse stasis” aka, gravity affecting based abilities

Then there’s scalable movement slows like below (longer you target, Stronger the effect)

And there’s more ideas that are possible


If used correctly Jack’s repulsors are great at immobilizing movement but cause Crow’s Stasis is a more reliable weapon and slows the monster down with slow movement I’m gonna go Crow


I was speaking of the actual title. In my previous post I also answered for if your meaning was “what is the best CC” (which encompasses immobilisation and slowing).

I did miss it in the OP though.

Don’t feel I said anything that you should be angry over though… I just didn’t like the choice of words. I feel I’m entitled to that. It’s not like I went ahead and altered the title :confused:


Best trapper CC is being incapped with laz on the team.


As long as a monster is saving traversals, the stasis has little to no effect on the ability to stick to and down a Hunter or escape. Without any movement abilities readily available, it’s devistating. You become more of a target than if you get harpooned.

Harpoons are only strong if the monster ignores them or they hit from behind. Otherwise they are relatively weak, in my opinion.

Jacks repulsor is by far the best way to hinder a monsters movements, forward or backward without any penalty.


@Ledrew I changed the title to CC instead of immobilisation ability. Is that ok with you?


Wow, Val’s tranqs aren’t here, I’m quite surprised.[quote=“Alex_Versnel, post:9, topic:79937”]
How does CC ‘feel’ for you? I know that good harpoon or repulsor beam can be quite a nuisance, but how does say, stasis feel to you in combat? Is it a noticeable slow and do you need to put more effort in sticking to a target, or can you pretty much ignore it?

Stasis isn’t really a bother for me, but I main Meaty and use stamina regen so I’m not sure how it affects some of the other Monsters. I feel like it’s very effective against Kraken though.[quote=“The_Mastermind, post:5, topic:79937, full:true”]
Yea It makes you wonder if a T6 trapper would have a different style of “repulsor” and what it would do

Since the first trapper has a way to dispense it, like harpoon trap or stasis grenades, or applied, Harpoon gun and Stasis gun, Jack kinda broke that by applying it. So if there is a new trapper, I feel like it would be harpoon like. The trapper plants it and it would push the Monster if in range. The Monster would have to use traversals to deplete it’s capacity or break it with melee or something.


Yes, but what does it stand for?