Which trapper do you prefer?


As the title says, which trapper do you prefer and why ?
I’d like to know what are your preferences.



because Gobi is useful to find the Monster and the KLR can allow some clutch games


I play OG Console Evolve, so my opinion isn’t really valid, but I dig Jack.

His Repulsor is pretty useful, as is his satellite. He’s entertaining, and I love his design. As a fellow 16 year old (yes, he’s 16), I can relate to him on some level I can’t quite comprehend.

My second would be Abe, third would be Crow, fourth would be Griffin, fifth would be Mad Magz, and sixth would be OG Mags.


Maggie, Griffin or Abe :wink:


Griffin and Maggie :smiley:


I just don’t know anymore!!!


Crow all day. Stasis I feel is more useful in general. Harpoons don’t do enough to good monsters unless its the clutch griffin poon up the ass, or a good og maggie. Stasis will hinder any monster no matter how skilled the player. Abe can fight certain monsters much easier than crow but crow is good no matter the situation. I also have a great appreciation for any jack player that can keep a kraken on the ground.



Here’s why:

  1. The Stasis Gun, if fired at either fully charged or just shot at a few times, I find to be much more effective than one of the Harpoons that holds the Monster down. Typically I do this after the Monster has used all of its traversals so this has full effect.

  2. Gobi is much better at finding sneaking Monsters than Daisy is, IMO, so that means that where most players are crouched over and sneaking around the map, I’m at least able to shut that operation down before they can get behind me, at least.

  3. You need some skill to use him. Waggies and Maggies are for “lazy” Trappers, and as you need some experience and trial with Crow to use him properly, I find the challenge to be entertaining, but it comes with a reward in the future at the Monster’s death.


Abe allows easy and constant map-wide tracking ability and makes melee combat for a Monster really difficult with the constant area slows. The shotgun is also fun because it’s the best Trapper weapon, and does great things for headshots.

Also, he’s just a really funny character.

  • :maggie_2: Maggie
  • :maggie_wasteland: Waggie
  • :griffin_2: Griffin
  • :abe: Abe
  • :crow: Crow
  • :jack_mask: Jack

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Funny and fun. I love playing Abe, but I’m kinda straying back to my roots and taking Maggie whenever I get trapper.


Well, with Daisy changes, it’s now a legit choice for more experienced players. I admit I enjoyed using her after a while of simply not doing so in favor of WLM. But still, Abe is da best.


Griffin shreds in Stage 2.


Why is Griffin so strong in stage 2 ?


Jack because

In all seriousness, EMET is my favourite character to be released in any video game. Jack is my second. Conceptually, of course.


Jack is actually really strong this patch. Not really OP but a good choice because his repulsor now has a good recharge and capacity while also being able to CC all 5 monsters(whereas stasis and poons are clearly better vs certain monsters).

Maggie is fun to role with but I personally hate her playstyle.

Crow will always be my favorite to play tho. I love sniping with the stasis shot and chipping at health on the chase.


And what perks do you usually use as trapper ?


For me? First stage, Infravision, then 11% reload speed (which I still have to upgrade) then the 10% jetpack recharge and efficiency with 50% jump all in one.

And I like Griffin and Crow the most. Abe is good too.


Griffin cause I love his character design and personality, his Gauss SMG is amazing due to it’s accuracy and clip size, his harpoon is amazing if done right, and his sound spikes can notify you instantly where the monster is if you use them to cut a map in half.
I already bought his Monarch skin.