Which system you getting Evolve for? PC, Playstation Or Xbox


PC all the way for me


Definitely PC I am hoping for some consideration to new PC players who haven’t yet gained skill with a mouse and keyboard.


Pc. Because if Evolve is going to use Community workshop to make custom maps, Evolvers (monster) and Hunters etc. like Left 4 Dead had.


Personally i would say pc, but then again im interested to try ps4 too although i can use my controller on pc too so it wouldnt make much of a difference :smiley:


I’m going to buy it for on my xbox.


How is the xboxone controller btw is it just like the 360 one :o?


I don’t know! Microsoft hasn’t released the Xbox One in the Netherlands yet… We may have to wait 6 more months…


Oh that sucks :o…!


PC, but of course! ;D


Xbox One, because my laptop won’t probably run it and most of my friends own one too so I’ll be playing with/against them! :smiley:

And @Sadievalism, the controller is a bit different! Just has no clunky battery back and of course the home, start and select buttons are different now, I think “select” is "menu, I believe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to what the PC community can come up with too!


Thanks for the info :3 slinky :3


This is a tough one, because PC has much more flexibility and such, whereas the Xbox has much more “comfort” factor to playing it. I’d probably pick up both if I could, but I just really enjoy shooters on the old Xbox better.


YEP but also Xbox controller on pc so it would feel good to know u can play however u want :3


Am I the only one getting it for my PS4?



I played some games on the Xbox One in a local games shop, and the controller was great! It lies perfect in your hands and isn’t heavy at all.
The only thing that I needed to get used to was the Xbox Button being at the top of the controller instead of being in the middle.
Overall, it was great but I sucked at playing Forza Motorsport 5…


haha :smiley: i believe u:3 i haz to buy it so i could play on my pc :3


I know how you feel. :smiley: Also, when playing Forza 5, I crashed into the boundaries, the people in the crowds were completely flat, and static. It was kinda creepy, actually, like Uncanny Valley creepy.


You could always import it, although it may cost much more.


Preordered it for PC. Think it’s the first game I’ve pre-ordered since Pokemon Stadium for N64. So it’s got some lofty heights to live up to!


Probably PC. Hopefully I’ll have a more powerful PC by the time it launches, and if we can add custom content that’ll make it even better! :smiley: