Which Side Do You Feel Currently Has The Upper Hand?


Telemetry and all that aside which side do you think has the upper hand.

Monsters or Hunters?

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that Monsters have to work more for their wins recently and I do personally agree. I feel like recent patches are being set up for pubs and I get it, they are the majority but it’s a bit frustrating sometimes. Anyone else want to share their personal opinion and reasoning?

This is not a thread to argue, just to share your own view and why you have that view. Doesn’t have to be facts.


For sure hunters. Monsters have been getting hit with constant nerfs while problem hunters like torvald and sunny get out of nerfs with barely a scratch.


I would hardly call a 50% thrust decrease and reload increase by over 2 seconds plus a damage decrease to both of them hardly a scratch lol.

Now as for the OP

I honestly feel both sides need their respective buffs currently but in all honesty Monsters in general still have an advantage however slight but that goes without saying that the current hunter meta is pretty brutal. I feel a respective tweek should be made to be able to counter this to a degree so it isn’t instant game over at stage 2 but if your cards are played right you can still make it out of there alive and healthy.

One set of buffs I would like to see would be to see would go to Markov’s Lightning gun damage and Bucket’s GML damage.

Another set of buffs for monsters would probably be a higher base movement speed while both sneaking and running but only slight buff. Also Carrion birds should maybe be changed but that is another topic.


Until Sunnys long list of exploits (stacking drones, invisible drones, multiple drones, etc) gets fixed, I’m going to say it’s sided for hunters.


What I meant was Torvald and sunny are still a little too powerful. You make some very good points.

I totally agree with this.

Behemoth totally need this buff.