Which Platform should I buy?


I have decided to buy this game. I had fun during the Beta on PS4. My issue is… none of my friends are getting it. I have a more than capable PC and PS4. Right now I am leaning towards the PS4, but with the added DLC content for the PC, I feel pulled to both sides.

So, my question to you fine people is: Should I get it for PS4 or PC?

I’m guessing the player base will be larger on PS4, but really, that is just a guess. Are there any pre-order numbers or another way it would be possible to tell which platform will be more successful or popular?


PC, no hesitation.


Yeah, I’d imagine that the playerbase might well be larger on the PC. Plus you have mouse and keyboard controls for added accuracy, and if your PC can kill it like you say, probably higher settings. Plus Steam tends to have better average uptime than PSN…


I’m in full agreement with going for a PC copy @WyLeEZ.

In addition to what @OjinM has said, there’s a higher chance of Evolve going on sale sooner on Steam in comparison to the console version. What this means is that as time goes on, there’ll always be a more constant flux of players joining the player pool in comparison to the console market. Not to mention that when the inevitable steam sale hits, that just may be the pushing point where your friends will join in.

No matter which version you go for, you’re going to have a blast ;D


I played both versions during the beta:

  1. The PS4 has slower matchmaking.
  2. The PS4 is more difficult to play for hunters.

The PC version allows much more accurate aiming with the mouse. This is helping hunters. I found playing hunters on PS4 with the Dualshock controller way more difficult. I have the feeling that for this reason hunters can move a bit faster on PS4 than on PC.

The PS4 version is still very good. The graphics are great on a big TV screen. Moreover, all PS4 players have a headset. Strangely, not many people have been using it during the Evolve beta. PS4 players seem to be less teamplay orientated than PC players.

Technically, both versions are great, PC and PS4. However, the fun depends on the people you play with. And here I have the feeling that this complex game may be suited better for PC players who seem to be a bit more willing to learn and master the teamplay. And has already has been said: Steam sales should bring more and more players in the future while PS4 prices usually stay higher.


I say go for PC. My PC is out of commission so I’m getting it for the PS4 people on the system all have mics (technically even the headphones with the speakers on them can be used), but they rarely use them for some reason thankfully I found this community and added them as friends they use mics.


That’s your opinion.

If you feel more comfortable with a controller, use a controller. Don’t bing the M/KB superiority argument into this. Use whatever you feel comfy with. :smiley:

Again, purely opinion.

This is entirely false. The game is, mechanics-wise, identical on each platform.

I agree with all this.

So in short, whichever you want. If you prefer controller, and playing on a large TV, and you have better friends on PS4, get it on PS4 and vice versa.


[quote=“MidnightMonash, post:7, topic:30830”]
That’s your opinion.[/quote]
I think it’s a bit more than just that. That hunters have problems in aiming fast enough I also saw from the monster’s perspective: Playing as monster, I often was baffled how they could hardly hit me as long as I kept moving fast enough. So it is not only me who is probably not so comfortable with a controller in Evovle.

On the other hand, as a monster on PS4 I sometimes had problems in escaping which I did not have on PC. Even using special moves, I often could not make enough distance for some new food before the hunters reached me again. From this, I would not be surprised if the hunters would move a bit faster on consoles to make up for their poorer controller aiming.

Overall, I found playing on PS4 and PC different. Both fine, and I will probably even get both versions in the end, but still different. IMHO, the PC version is easier to play.


I have to admit it’s a difficult choice.

About four years ago I decided to change my gaming habits from PC to Console, of course there’s no reason you can’t do both. I decided this for personal reasons that I won’t go into.

As for you, where do your friends lie, PC or PS4? Whether or not they play the game who do you chat to more?

As for Evolve I would consider one main issue, compatibility. If money isn’t an issue then i’d go for PC, but if it is then consider what the game will look and play like if you can’t play it at full spec. Now that’s not to say it doesn’t good at medium specs but it not as good as the PS4 on this level.

PS4 is an all in one console, with a PC you need to do a bit more but you get more if you have the know how and correct specs.

PS4 will have a good size player base. I suspect the PC to have the same if not more.

If you decide on the PS4 then hit me up, I run an Evolve PS4 group with 120+ members and i’m sure you’ll fit no probs :slight_smile:


Keyboard and Mouse WILL ALWAYS be faster than using a controller, fact. But the rest is all opinion and personal experience not fact. You sound more PC orientated than PS4 focused, playing on the PC might have been easier for you but for others it would have been the complete opposite.

How can it be more than your opinion? It can’t, but you make your point and that’s cool, but it is only your opinion from your personal experience.

Personally I love the gameplay on the PS4, it feels amazing, so reactive and it was as smooth as silk. Admittedly there’s a steep learning curve to the game in itself, but I think that’s a good thing. If it was too easy it’d get boring fast for those new to the new to the game.

I don’t envy him, maybe buy two copies, one for each?


Exactly. Everything you just said is purely opinion. I’ll say it again, in terms of gameplay mechanics, the game is identical on all platforms.

Absolutely not. That’s the most untrue thing I’ve heard in years. 99% of console gamers think that their aim is fine with a controller. Don’t make blind, unfounded assumptions such as that.

Then you aren’t as proficient with a controller as you are with an M/KB. Plenty of people are the polar opposite. Simple as that.




PS4 and PC will always have acces to the same content, except for timed exclusives, which honestly don’t matter. You get the thing eventually.

Right now, it seems like PC will have a larger playerbase, and a lot of people mentioned that M/KB is better for Hunter plays, or that they at least felt like it. On the other hand, Monster is said to be easier with a controller, meaning PC beats PS4 because you can connect up both.

PC would probably sound like a slightly better option. But if you feel like your friends are more likely to play on PS4, get PS4. It’s always better with friends.
And as mentioned, PC will probably have a more sustained flow of new players.


You said you got no friends to play with in either console or pc right?If there were friends involved i’d say go where they are.Since they are not it all comes down to preferances.If you enjoy couch-gaming more then go PS4.If you have absolutely no problem with PC or PS4 go to PC.You can have K/M,you can have Controller,you will have better graphics for sure.(As long as the PC is capable of running it in ultra)


Why such aggression and blind assumptions? I play equally on PC and PS because I appreciate both platforms. Sometimes I prefer PC, sometimes I prefer PS. In case of Evolve I like both versions. But even that I like a controller much more in the living room, I find it much harder to use for Evolve, as many people do.

Somehow this feels similar to racing games me, that are more precice to play with a racing wheel on PC than with a controller on PS4. Still I prefer a controller in the living room.

Exactly, it is as simple as that.


I was not aggressive, nor did I make blind assumptions, and I apologize if I offended you in any way.

But the claims that gameplay mechanics are different for other platforms is misleading and false.


Lets just get this out of the way.For FPS K/M is superior and that’s a fact.There is no reason to deny it.But if someone is more comfortable on controller that would make them better player on console rather on PC.I agree with that.But if you had no problem with controller and no problem with K/M,the K/M would be better.(better on aiming/speed/etc/etc.)
So there is nothing to compare in the 2 of them.


I play both but I would argue that a keyboard is cumbersome and the buttons are all over the place compared to a controller.
Plus with the way abiltiies are set up on keyboard you have to take your fingers off of your movement key to activate abilities which is only for a second but still.

Thats just my opinion both have their merits.


No doubt man…join the PC master race :smiley:


Not necessarily. A lot of people have abilities mapped to buttons within reach to make it easier. Even if you don’t, you can easily press any button without taking your hands off the mouse or the keyboard. That’s how I play.