Which PC is a Better Choice?


This is my first off topic. So anyways, I plan on getting a 64-bit PC so I can run Evolve. But, I have to choose between, a HP for $80 or, a HP for $168 Computer. The HP for $80 is just the Desktop itself. The HP for $168 includes: A Montiter, Keyboard and Mouse. Which is better? I’m paying for less for less, and paying more for more. There’s nothing wrong with my Keyboard and Mouse. What do you guys think? I forgot to mention, the PC itself for $80 is a Windows 7. The PC for $168 is a Windows 8.1. So, yeah. And I have the worst Virus protection, Mcafee. Here are the Links: $80 one www.ebay.com/itm/161973461146
$168 one www.ebay.com/itm/281913991381


How are you buying a computer for 80 bucks?


I think you should avoid getting something pre-built and buy the pieces, then build yourself or have someone build it for you. an $80 computer will never run Evolve.

If there’s nothing wrong with the KB/M, I don’t think you should get new ones, unless the mouse sucks.


Ebay :sweat:


Don’t buy a computer for 80 bucks on ebay. I PROMISE that you are either gonna have something that is bricked or isn’t what they are selling.


It is on Ebay. I would get one from Walmart, but my Computer has a virus. I need a new computer for that reason and I’m currently running 64-bit.


My Computer has a virus and It won’t let me access certain websites, I’m for real. Plus, it’s refurbished.


Why not buy security for like $50 and save yourself a ton of money? Or reinstall your OS? That wipes everything from the HDD and resets it, while you can re-download your games. It may suck, but it save a lot of money.


Just saying, you aren’t going to buy a legit computer on Ebay that can run Evolve for 80 bucks. Just format and reinstall your OS.


Aw man, I guess I’ll try that. Can you recommend me a good, Legit virus Software I could possibly use?


Norton works well for me, but I’m not really big on software security. I can usually root out the virus myself. I will search the threads, though. I know there was a virus software thread a while back.

EDIT: Here you go!


Neither. Really.


I recently got Eset with my new computer. It’s probably the best anti-virus software that isn’t always in your face reminding you about security.


$80 sounds like a scam honestly.


The “virus” sounds more like a parental control. And PC for $80 will only be able to run Doom 1 and maybe Doom 2.


What I don’t understand, why would you want to buy a new PC when you have a virus? We live in an age where we have Google. It’s rare that a virus is non removable


No, it’s not. I ran a full system scan and it said there was something like malware or spyware on my Computer. Which is a Virus.


Yes, but: Because I want to buy a PC to run Evolve. So I need a new anyway.


Ok, I forgot to mention something in the post, please reread it. The people that already read this I mean.


I don’t know what type of dollars you’re talking about but a PC that will run evolve, without monitor, mouse and keyboard, is going to cost you something like at least $800 not $80. So ignoring your virus issues with your current PC, if you want a computer that is going to do what you want to do (assuming your current PC doesn’t run evolve), that’s the kind of money you’re going to have to be prepared to spend.