Which Overwatch heroes would you like to be in Evolve?


After playing with almost all the 21 heroes from overwatch got me thinking,i’d love some of them in Evolve or something similar.

My list of who i’d want in:-

D va (kind of got her already the shape of Lennox i guess)

Torbjorn (i’d like to build my turrett and spread my molten core on the monster that’ll be cool)

Zarya ( i think she’s really cool and would fit perfectly into the evolve world)

Hanzo (just having a bow and arrow is awesome especially when you have that ULT weeshy wasshy waky woo)

Lucio (would just be amazing in Evolve with his speed/HP regen abilities)

Reinhardt (would be great espeically against krakens airiel threat)

Zenyatta (i think he/she would be cool in Evolve)

Junkrat ( the ultimate troll i love his personality)

I guess you could make a case for all of them but them ones come to my mind first what you think…?


Pharah, Mercy and Reinhardt. Possibly Bastion too. xp


Yeah Mercy would be cool actually but Evolve kind of has her in the form of Kala/Cabot and Val but yes having both abilities with 1 character and her ULT would be great! Pharah yeah that’d be interesting actually flying in the air give the monster something to think about for sure!


Mercy is a combination of Val and Cabot too. xp


Thorn :smiling_imp:


Rienhardt FTW


I would be happy if Bucket’s sentry guns shot lasers like Symmetra’s, maybe the new variant will have it :smile:

Imagine if MCCree was in there, monster players would be raging, A LOT xD


Abe’s long lost brother.


Lucio would be an awesome hunter to have. Cool medic.
Junkrat could be a trapper.
Symettra would be a cool defensive support.
And either Roadhog or Soldier 76 for assault.


It’s high noon motherfuckers.


Abe: hmmm…

McCree: what?

Abe: Nothing, it just feels like we sound a bit similar…

McCree: So?

Abe: We also look a bit alike…

McCree: And this bothers you?

Abe: Nah, I guess it’s fine…

McCree: Friends-ish?

Abe: Yah, Friends I guess.

MacCready: Ey, guess who’s got two Margiritas for the similar sounding and looking new friends, eh?


AKA not Overwatch.


Mercy! HEROS NEVER DIE! She’s Val, Cabot, and Emet rolled in one. Instant revives based on how much healing she does? Oh hell yes.


I’m just gonna quote myself:


Exactly what I hear Hanzo or Genji say when they use their ults.


I’d say Tracer. Her movement abilities (combined with a jetpack) would make her un-catchable



None, we don’t want toxicity back in Evolve.


Don’t know what to make of that comment but you got to give it to Blizzard their heroes are amazing and some of them would be viable in Evolve hell they might of copied a few


Tracer in Evolve would be toxic lol i get a headache just aiming at her on console,god help monster player actually killing her! she’s one awkward little bitch that’s for sure!