Which one will come first New Skins or fixing connection issues?


I have trying to play evolve all morning, but not working. It seems to me that turtle rock doesnt seem to understand how to fix issues, they gave us a alpha and a beta to find bugs. I see bugs from both of them in the full game, which I think is not right. THEN if I get into a match its a wraith vs me and a friend, 2 randoms who dont know how play the game and we lose. I think they will come out with new skins before they fix the finding a match with friends issue. I was hoping the issues would be fixed for the full game and iam not happy with what this game turned into.


I take an hour or so to find a “good server” by myself fine Internet but still this issue limits me to being a low level stuck with people who don’t know how to heal on val???


and even joining in progress is bull because the AI is always a tier 1 you dont get to pick your perk, and another issue is the drop ship you get 2 minutes, Then an extra 30 seconds of a cutscene before u can drop