Which one of these Godzilla Concept art you like the most?


Don’t we all love the King of Monsters “Godzilla”! I have collated different concepts arts of Godzilla and his enemies. There is no order to the images below, I have just pulled them off the Internet and laid down at a single place. I just loved the Gareth Edward’s 2014 Godzilla Movie and I think most of the pictures below are from the Book Godzilla : Art of Destruction, I am not sure though! If you know other pictures of Godzilla that rattles you just by the looks of it, please share those pics.http://worldofoddballs.com/best-godzilla-concepts-arts-in-a-single-page-you-are-going-to-love-them-all/


I like the first one.

Off-topic: When i saw Godzilla the movie and that flying first monster appeared and saw its head,i thought WTF is going wrong with Godzillas head