Which one if better, HP regen or Damage red?


Well, if you any other perk which you recommend, please post here. :grinning:

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Damage reduction is better for those who get focused and/or are having a bad time with their jetpack management skills.

HP regen is better for those that are good at jukes and know how to avoid monsters attacks or don’t get focused regularly.

I’d (very) generally say, unless you’re good at Jetpack Management and dodging, Medics and Supports should look more to DR, while Assaults and Trappers more to HP Regen.


Thanks. Actually i’m using
1 perk : Damage increase
2 perk : Faster weapon change
3 perk : HP regen
Playing as assault, what do you think about?xD


Depends on the assault you’re using!

I like to play Hyde or Markov, and I know others will back me up here that actually movement speed is a great perk to have on your assault, especially against wraith and gorgon players.

I don’t know what order I’d do them in, but I’d go with
Movement speed,
Reload speed.

An assault is already very damaging, the most damaging, and so being on the monster like glue is more important than adding a few percentage damage points.

Other people I’ve seen are using the poison perks though, I haven’t tried that out yet!


Yeah DR, movement speed or perks that add survivability is a very good starting perks if you’re new. @niaccurshi do you think you could help me put out a thread together how to get perks for new players?


What kind of help do you need?


Playing as Parnell, i think i will be going to change the Damage for Speed, really thanks!


I have something like this in mind, I’ll PM you further info or maybe start up a thread about it.


So Parnell… he’s pretty speedy. His SS means he can get around like no-one else. The best way to be fast with Parnell is to load heavily in to reload so that you can use SS often. Your damage output is also great because of this…

So yeah, IMO, switch damage up for reload speed :wink:


I already have 70%, i’m still needing more? xD


haha, maybe not, maybe not :wink:


Maxed out Minor & Major & Superior Health Regen on my Assault are a glorious thing.
Gives you about 120 HP/sec I believe. Gets all your health back in like 7 seconds.
Makes it so you don’t have to rely as much on random Medics/Supports.
Or alternatively, makes it so the Medic can focus their healing on less people instead of splitting it up.