Which of the hunters are likely to call Gorgon "Miley"? STOP HIJACKING MY THREADS

  • :val:
  • :lazarus:
  • :caira_diaz:
  • :slim:
  • :emet:
  • :hank:
  • :bucket:
  • :cabot:
  • :sunny_face:
  • :kala:
  • :griffin:
  • :maggie: :daisy:
  • :abe:
  • :crow: :gobi:
  • :jack_mask:
  • :markov:
  • :hyde:
  • Parnell, where is the emoji?
  • :torvald:
  • :lennox:

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I think for me it has to be,

  • Cabot because he’ll probably the one with the most info as he might talk with colony leaders.
  • Parnell, maybe because he knows about a lot of stuff and thangs?
  • Abe, because he’s Abe.


No one would because that would be creepy OuO


Not Abe because he doesn’t give a fuck about pop culture.


None of them



I voted Hyde because for one, I imagined him saying it in his accent. Loved it.

two, I think of the people who have the weirdest voice quirks, Hyde’s got a big heap of them to help along his personality. Add in Miley, it’s likely no one would even bat an eye.




None of them, because it’s the future :stuck_out_tongue:


None. Except maybe… None.


Hyde’s already got old references, like “me old China” and “Gregory Peck”… why not go a little forward with Miley?


Is Hyde old or did he just grow up near people who were from the old world? :laughing:
I would imagine Caira being on earth would probably have at least heard of past pop cultures.


I dont understand why shes called Miley in the first place lmfao.


Its mostly a @Azmi_Anuar only thing. No one else really uses it. Long standing joke situation.


Its a user associated thing, its kind of like how with everyone bugs TW with Pink but the roles are reverse.


Ohhhhh…well then in that case i vote nobody, mostly on the fact that this is a different universe altogether, an where as tons of things are carried over into this new universe from our own, i dont think Miley Cyrus shld be one of those things…
I mean the girl has talent…but she rubs it on her crotch, an that just ruins it lmfao.


That is a good analogy…


I like to pretend I’m in a world where she doesn’t exist. It’s a much better world.


I just know that Spider- Monster in Evolve.
It’s called “Nicky Minaj”.




uh huh.