Which of the concept hunters do you think is likely to the Base for the fifth tier female assault?


The one Slim hinted “Old lady in a mech suit taking out a monster solo.”


Obvious candidates.

  • Alright
  • Wotan
  • Hercules

Bjorn looks like a col concept but I believe he went on to become Hyde. Would’ve had a cool female spin on the name Björk.

If she is real, here’s hoping for the character to be a very sophisticated woman and not simply another amazon.

She could be like Cabot’s rival or maybe a former ally, so many interesting interesting interactions could come up with the more older cast.

Just pictures here.


There’s no guarantee the fifth is a female. We just know that there will be a female.


T1 Val
T2 Maggie
T3 Caira
T4 sunny

See the pattern here? illuminati confermed…


No… I don’t see the pattern. Is it that there are only one female hunter each tier? If so, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the next female will be assault.


Um… Griffin says hello.


Maggie isn’t tier 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah man, the female assault is going to be Hyde’s mom. I mean its the only thing that make sense. :stuck_out_tongue:


Idk how i would feel if Wotan was an old lady in the inside :confused:


I’ve never seen this picture!!! I absolutely love how many basilisk soldiers you can see. Makes me think we’ll get a gen 1 or 2!!! The first concept of Hyde looks like one, so does Brick. And what the hell demon armor does Wutan have on???


Maggie was the original T2 Trapper.


I’m aware of that but she’s not now is she? No


She was the tier 2 trapper up until big alpha release where we were told that TRS swap her with Grifin because Maggie was easier to use for the new game and new players.

It also fits that each tier seems to have a common trait.

  • T1 had mostly lock on weapons and are considered to be one of the best tieres at covering eachother.

  • T2 focused around punishment that Lazarus would bring in with his glove that allows the team to do a shit ton of damage while Laz waits out. With deployables to complement on Medic and Assaults short coming…

  • Bucket’s UAV works as a tool that enables the hunters to see where hiding monsters are in the dome, since Maggie can’t do this with Daisy. Each tier Has one of these characters , Griffin, Bucket, Abe, Crow. To some extent Val, but she needs to have LOS first.

  • T3 had burst centred moves and rewards bunching up.their high offensive abilities make up their defence.

  • Example; Caira’s heals, Cabot’s damage amp(mostly for team to burst, Abe’s awesome shotty and Parnell with his and also his rockets

  • T4 has Drones on their side, shield, heal and tracking also they are build around the idea that monsters have to be a hell of a lot fasters to survive stage 1 and very strong damage abilities.


That makes sense, then, though they probably should have started with Griffin; new trappers become too dependant on Daisy.

I’d say T2 focuses on area denial and forcing the monster to move where they want it to - turrets, gas clouds, harpoon on demand, and of course dead bodies.

What does this leave for tier 5 then? A lot of people have noticed that no medic has a deployable yet. I think the next tier will be really defensive. Hercules would be my best guess - maybe the old lady is some sort of tank character.


No, I want an angry old foul-mouthed redneck.


I want to point out that we have no official confirmation that the assault of the fifth tier- or the ones after it- will be female. So I can see it happening, but don’t get your hopes up.


Actually, MacMan stated that he did agree that their should be a female assault and that he definitely wants a female assault. It’s all just a matter of when.


Cassie for sure!


I read that post, but it isn’t the same as an official announcement.


Oh. Yeah. Correct. There hasn’t been an OFFICIAL announcement, but it’s much more than likely going to happen, according to @MacMan’s comment.


Which is why I said I expect it, and can see it happening, but meh.

Personally I don’t understand the fuss behind it, but whatever.