Which name does better fit to a dog?

  • Jack
  • Paul

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I would probably say jack
what dog is it and what color?


Labrador- Münsterländer mix. Black with a bit grey at the belly, eyebrows and paws.


Boring human names should be reserved for boring humans. Dont be like my neighbor with his cat named Steve.


I named my dog kitty.


Name him Pat!
… so…
Pat the dog


Call him Bastion and then sit back back on the park bench as he rampages around with all the other dog owners raging about how OP he is


I have two dogs, Benji and Taran.


Mine dog’s name is Ziggy


John Cena.


All my dogs have high falutin names except like one. Kronus, Sheba, Brynhilde, and Mathilda after natalie portman’s character in Leon: The Professional. (pictured below)

I’m all for giving your dogs good weird ass names.

  • Hearteater
  • XxX_PussyD3str0y3r666_XxX
  • Little Putin
  • Hotdog
  • Xnorp
  • Scumbag

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