Which monsters tinkerbelling is the most effective?


i know im gonna get a lot of flack for asking this, but…

which ones?


I think behemoth or Gorgon.


What’s tinkerbelling?


But web reduces flight efficiency.


Wraith and behemoth imo.The others can easily deal with it now


first ive heard it too


@BEAF @jynx680
The act of picking Jetpack Flight-Efficiency perks to effectively make you capable of flying in the air using neutral fuel for roughly over 10 seconds.


Behemoth is really the only one, and that’s just because Tongue Grab randomly goes “lol no” and doesn’t grab the target that was clearly in your reticle.


In theory, the monster who should have the most trouble with it is elder kraken. It should have quite a bit of problems with it since literally none of his abilities can reliably bring down a hunter fluttering about above its head.


Behemoth and Elder Kraken. The others are prettymuch all fine against it.


Well, if we could get some jetpacks on the monsters, I think Behemoth could do well with some tinkerbell perks. Imagine the fireballs and tongues coming down from the air. Don’t know how you’d justify his ground pound moves though.