Which Monster's Pounce Is the Most Violent? Poll


Which one seems to cause the most hurt?

  • Goliath
  • Kraken
  • Wraith
  • Behemoth
  • Gorgon

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Just curious…


Well Behemoth’s only looks so bad because his fists are covered in thick stone-like chitin. Gorgon’s is REALLY vicious. She rips into you with her claws a lot faster and more voraciously than any other monster. Couple that with a wall pounce…


Behemoth turns the hunters into human-flavored jelly. It’s pretty sweet :smiley_cat:


Gorgon rips you to pieces continuously, while Behemoth beats your face into submission while holding you down.
Ahhh gotta go with Gorgon, hers is pretty brutal. Reminds of the hunter pounce from L4D, plus she can do it from walls so that’s pretty cool.


Just watch Behemoth punch the relay.

Gorgon’s would be the most painful, yes, but only because there would be no soul to feel the pain after being demolished by Behemoth.


Wraith Gores you with 10 foot blades she wins.


Behemoth, DAMN, punches your face out, Wraith Cuts you, Goliath Slaps you, Kraken Slaps you while screaming, And Gorgon rips you apart really fast…


He RAGES when punching the relay… IT AMAZING!


Goliath just swipes at you, more or less punching.
Kraken whips you while holding you down.
Wraith stabs you several times.
Behemoth punches you in the face repeatedly with a fist encased in stone.
Gorgon tears at you until you are ripped open.

I have to go with Behemoth.


Behemoth. He actually looks pissed while beating you about the neck and face until you die from it.


Its a tough choice but I say behemoth with gorgon being a close second. Bob really winds up and puts all his weight behind pounding your face in with enormous rock fists.


hahahah poor goliath

tie between bob and gorg


Bob doesn’t want to hurt people.
Bob pounces the hunters to tickle them.
Bob wants to have fun.
Bob wants to be happy.
But Bob has big hands and tiny fingers.
So Bob instead on tickling the hunters, he smashes them by accident.
Bob is left alone and he can’t tickle anyone.
Bob is sad.


Gorgon is the most vicious, the way she pounces is like the hunter/wildlife is carrying a Patterson drive in them which she’s trying to claw out. Behemoth is a close second, because the way he pounces just screams:


Poor Goliath, haha.

My vote is Gorgon.

You don’t want a giant insect like creature slashing out your chest repeatedly every half a second.


Lets go!!!


Wow, Gorgon is winning, surprised!


Tie between Gorgon and Wraith.


what? wait what are your number?

its the glitch isn’t it…


I can’t decide which is worse. Being stabbed with scythe’s or ripped apart by claws.